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Breaking Bread: What it Costs to Eat at Restaurants in America

Americans enjoy eating at restaurants, but some regions and cuisines are cheaper than others. See how your favorite places and foods stack up ...

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How Average Americans Spend Their Paycheck

Need help setting your 2019 budget? Take a look at how the average American spends their paycheck to get an idea of how to budget and what to ...

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12 Best Ways to Become Self-Employed for Persons With Disability

Disabled persons can experience liberation and empowerment by becoming their own boss and working at home. Set your own hours, work at your own pace, and choose work ...

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Social Security 2100 Act and the SSI Ecosystem

Our social security system is in crisis but lawmakers have a plan to secure social security’s future until the year 2100 ...

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America's Richest & Poorest Cities

The United States may be the wealthiest country in the world, but all that money is far from distributed evenly. Poverty has a foothold in many U.S ...

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Insanely Smart Ways To Save for Retirement

Supercharge your retirement savings plan no matter how far you are along with the smartest tools, tips, and technology experts can recommend ...

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More Ways to Escape Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Living paycheck to paycheck is a less than ideal lifestyle. Here are 8 genius ways you can spend less than you earn (and make more) and find yourself ...

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5 Financial Resolutions You Should Make in 2018

Improve your long-term financial outlook with action-oriented goals for 2018 that will have a measurable impact. See our list of top financial resolutions and get started ...

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How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

Small changes can save big money on your electricity bill. Here are the ways you can use power more efficiently and decrease your power bill ...

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What Customer Service Representatives Want You to Know

Have you ever wondered how to get a credit card customer service rep to help you out? Here is some advice about things to do and things to ...

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The US National Debt Exposed

The growing national debt is concerning and a little difficult to understand. So we created infographics to help explain how and why America owes so much money ...

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The 50 Richest People on Earth

Who are fifty richest people on the planet? This illustration shows their net worth, how they made their fortune and where they live ...

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