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How The World Spends Its Time Online

Have you ever wondered how people across the world spend their time online? Global research firm Nielsen periodically releases data from its studies of consumer behavior online. Here are the 2010 findings regarding social networking, branding and world net usage.

time spent online

Total Time Online

The average person spends more than 60 hours a month online. This is the equivalent of 30 straight days a year in front of a computer monitor, smartphone or other internet-capable device.

Social networking accounts for 22 percent of the time while 42 percent is spent viewing content, whether watching videos, reading articles or playing online games. Other activities, such as email, commerce and searching, account for 36 percent of this time.

Among people who use the Internet, each person visits 2,646 Web pages on 89 domains and logs in 57 times per month.

Most Popular Brands


The percentage of all online users that visit Google is 82. The other top Internet brands include MSN/Bing (62), Facebook (54), Yahoo (53), Microsoft (48), YouTube (47), Wikipedia (35), AOL (27), Ebay (26) and Apple (26).

Social Network Usage


The highest percentage of internet users who log onto social media is in Brazil, with 80 percent using social network sites. Other countries with high percentages of social media use include Italy (73 percent), Spain (75 percent), Japan (70 percent), The United States (67 percent), The United Kingdom (69 percent), France (67 percent), Australia (59 percent), Germany (51 percent) and Switzerland (51 percent).

Daily Internet Activities daily-online

For many, internet use is a daily occurrence. The percentage of American adults (including non-Internet users) who use the Internet every day is 55 percent. Forty-five percent send or read email, 40 percent use a search engine such as Google, 30 percent read online news or watch news-related content, 18 percent access their bank online to check their deposits, pay bills or apply for a loan, 15 percent watch one or more videos, 15 percent use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, 10 percent read blogs, 5 percent buy a product and 5 percent play games online.

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