How to Spend One Trillion Dollars

We all know that the US is in massive debt, but just HOW massive is it? “TRILLION” really feels like just a word, that is until you put it into perspective…

a whole bunch of things you could buy with one trillion dollars

The 2010 federal deficit is $1.3 trillion, that's more than a boatload of money. TRILLION? Think having a million dollars would be a lot of money? You need a million millionaires to come up with a trillion.

While that's easy to say the deficit’s over a trillion dollars, it’s pretty tough to really visualize what that kind of money can actually do. Can you buy whole cities, take care of everyone’s needs and make everyone happy? Can you do anything in the world with $1.3 trillion? Almost. While you can't fulfill every single need of Americans, there are a LOT of problems you can solve and a lot of happiness you can spread.

Here’s Some Of What You Can Do

Everyone loves the Chilean miners, and no one wants to ever see anyone trapped again. But if they should happen to be trapped in a mine again, each of the 33 could be rescued again for $15 million each. No problem.

Did you have trouble paying for college? You wouldn’t if you had just a portion of the 2010 federal deficit. For a mere $300 billion, you could pay for every single student in America to go to a public college for three years.

Want To Feed The Hungry?

Who doesn’t? If you had just $796 billion, you could give every American living in poverty two hens, plenty of chicken feed and even a prepaid funeral just because you can.

Depressed just thinking about the deficit? You aren’t alone. Depression is a big problem in America, and it requires long-term treatments. For just $249 billion, you could treat every single depressed American for a year.

Have trouble funding childcare? If just a small portion of that $1.3 trillion was thrown your way, you could pay for your own childcare and everyone else’s! With just $120 billion, you could pay for childcare for every single preschooler in America.

You know that $1 billion that BP has spent so far on cleaning up the big oil spill? A billion dollars is chump change when you could spend $1.3 trillion. You could match that amount, no problem.

If you’ve ever been uninsured, you know how tough it can be to pay for those doctor’s visits. And with millions of uninsured people, that’s a lot of healthcare that isn’t happening. If you had just a small portion of the deficit’s $1.3 trillion, you could pay for every single American without insurance to see a doctor for an annual checkup.

Check out the graphic – you may feel differently about the federal deficit when you see how much money it really is.

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