United States Federal Tax Dollars

A colorful look at federal tax payments versus allotments by U.S. State.

Federal Tax Payments Per State

United States Federal Tax Dollars: Federal Tax Payments Per State

Federal taxes that are paid per capita vary widely by state, much to the disappointment of some. Per capita simply identifies the mean payment per a group of people. In other words, the average payment that every taxpayer makes from a state is the per capita tax of that state.

New England pays the largest tax payments per capita, while other states, scattered elsewhere in the country, pay much less. This gives the impression that these states ultimately take more than they give from the federal government

Appropriately enough, the location with highest federal tax payments per capita is Washington, D.C., with $11,582 The second-highest federal tax payments is Connecticut, with $11,522 per capita, followed by New Jersey at $9,902. Number four, with $9,792 per capita is Massachusetts and the fifth? Maryland taxpayers pay $8,812.

At the other end of the spectrum is Mississippi, with the lowest per capita at $4,281… with a close second-from-bottom is Louisiana, at $4,565, then West Virginia with $4,861, Arkansas averaging $5,030 and New Mexico rounding out the lowest five at $5,153 per capita.

Federal Tax Allotments Per State

Federal Tax Allotments Per State

Do the highest tax allotments coincide with the highest taxes paid? The number one spot with the highest federal tax allotments per capita is Washington, D.C., with $65,109, matching the highest tax payments. However, Alaska comes in second with $13,950 per capita allotted, followed by number three Virginia at $16,610. The state with the fourth-highest federal tax allotments per capita is Maryland with $11,956, with New Mexico ($10,733 per capita) at fifth.

The state with the lowest federal tax allotments per capita is Nevada with $5,889. Utah is number two at $5,944, Wisconsin third at $6,113, followed by Oregon,$6,285 and Illinois, $6,334.

Federal Tax Dollars Received Per Tax Dollars Paid Per State

Federal Tax Allotments Per State

Unlike dollars allotted, tax dollars received show where the money was actually spent. New Jersey receives 61 cents for each tax dollar paid, Nevada 65 cents, Connecticut 69, New Hampshire 7 cents, and Minnesota 72. Illinois receives 0.75 for each tax dollar they pays, followed by Delaware At 77 cents and California at 78 cents per dollar paid.

The states receiving the most are number five Alabama, which receives 1.66 per tax dollar paid, number four North Dakota with 1.68, West Virginia at 1.76, Louisiana, 1.78, Alaska, 1.84, Mississippi, 2.02 and New Mexico at 2.03, over 100% of every tax dollar paid.

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