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How The Royal Wedding Equates to Commoner Matrimony

royal wedding printed on top of union jackInfographic displaying statistics and numbers about the royal weddingBefore they were married, Kate Middleton and Prince William dated for 8 years. From the moment they announced their engagement, a media circus began. For example, the blue Issa dress worn by Kate during the official announcement sold out within 24 hours on net-a-porter, an online designer fashion shop. Amidst this chaos, the royal wedding costs continued to add-up. When stacked up against the cost of the average American wedding, what really is the difference in cost?

You’re Invited to the Wedding

It is estimated that 1,800 people received invitations to the wedding. Of those 600 attended the reception at Buckingham Palace. A more intimate circle of 300 attended the after party. Over 1 million visitors flooded the streets of London for the wedding, yet London only has 120,000 hotel rooms. Worldwide, 2 Billion people are expected to watch the royal wedding. To keep up with the unprecedented media demand for more information about the wedding, Comcast added 130 shows to an on-demand channel covering everything leading up to the ceremony.

Overall, this event brought about a $2.5 billion (2 billion British pounds) boost the British economy. Prince Charles’ wedding to Princess Diana in 1981 cost approximately $47.8 million, while Prince William’s wedding to Kate is estimated to cost between $16 and $64 million.

With This Royal Ring…

Middleton’s engagement ring, which was formerly Princess Diana’s ring, has an 18 carat sapphire. The ring’s worth is estimated at $398,000. The online shopping site QVC made a simulated knockoff of the royal bling just five days after the engagement was announced. This one was priced at a mere $34.95.

The Average Nuptials and Their Cost

While we all enjoy the spectacle of the royal wedding, in truth, most weddings are much more modest. Traditionally, the father of the bride was supposed to pay for everything; nowadays, 30% of couples pay for the wedding themselves. The bride’s parents pay for the wedding around 17% of the time. The average American wedding budget is $20,000., with the typical wedding ring costing about $1,016.

Guests number about 178 for theses weddings and spend between $70 and $100 for the gift. Over 91% of engaged couples have a gift registry, although the most expensive items are rarely purchased.

99% of couples then take a honeymoon, spending an average of three times more on that trip than on any other vacation. Their budget? $3,657.

The amount spent per a year on weddings comes to $72 billion. Of this, $19 billion is spent per year on gifts, and $8 billion is spent on honeymoons. In 1945, the average cost of a wedding was $2,200. As you can see, this has increased drastically. One of the most expensive years for weddings was 2007, with an average cost of $28,000.

The Demographics of Weddings

Most grooms are about 26.9 years old, while their brides are usually 25.3 years old. 1/3 of wedding couples have already been married once before. 1945 saw 1.61 million weddings, compared to 2.3 million weddings in 2010. Worldwide, the most wedding ceremonies are performed in Istanbul, Turkey, with 166,000. A close runner up? No surprise here, with Las Vegas, Nevada averaging 114,000 annual ceremonies.

While Kate and William have opted to marry in April, most weddings occur in summer, with June and August the most popular months. The least popular month is January, with only 4.7% of weddings.

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