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Student Loan Calculator

See how much you can save by making extra student loan payments and paying off your debt sooner.

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  • Base Monthly Payment
  • Total Monthly Payment
  • Total Amount Paid
  • Total Interest Paid
  • Total Interest Saved
  • Time Saved

Using the Student Loan Calculator

Enter your current student loan information and additional amounts you'd like to pay (Estimate any amounts you're not sure of). Calculate to see how much you'll save by paying more every month.

Remaining Loan Amount ($)
Total amount owed on your existing student loan.
Remaining Loan Term (Months)
Number of months remaining on your loan.
Annual Interest Rate (%)
Your yearly interest rate charged on your loan.
Extra Monthly Payment ($)
Additional amount you'd like to pay every month.
Base Monthly Payment ($)
Your current monthly payment.
Total Monthly Payment
New estimated monthly payment.
Total Amount Paid
The total amount you'll pay over the lifetime of the loan.
Total Interest Paid
The total amount of interest you'll pay over the lifetime of the loan.
Total Interest Saved
The amount you'll save by making additional payments.
Time Saved
The months you'll save by making extra payments.