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The Most Expensive Homes in America

most expensive homes in America

House Hunters has nothing on these homes. With cable television being a purveyor of home shopping as a means of entertainment, it seems everyone is wanting not only to keep up with the Jones’, but to also take a sneak peek at their closet space or bathroom updates.

The most entertaining house hunting shows feature homes that walked right off the set of Life Styles of the Rich and Famous with Robin Leach to House Hunters production. But these homes, even at the biggest and best, pale in comparison with the real big boys on the block of the dream home market.

You want to take a peek? Well, that is not likely. These homes might be on the market, but with a $100 million-plus price tag, they are not for just anyone’s eyes – unless you are well connected. Yuri Milner, for example, just plopped down a hundred million bucks on a new spread in Silicon Valley, and location matters.

Ever wonder where the most expensive place to buy a home is? With median home prices above $3.2 million, even the tenth most expensive zip code in Belvedere, CA is pretty pricey. It might surprise you, but those poor little millionaires in 91008 aren’t the top dogs. What is not so shocking is that of the top 10 most costly zip codes in the United States, six of them are in California.

Coming in at $4,276,426 on the average, Duarte, CA is the most expensive place to buy a house in the USA; but California costliness doesn’t stop there – the Golden State sweeps the top three! With New York taking three of the remaining spots out of the top 10, Alpine, New Jersey snags the last spot coming in at #4.

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