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Mortgage Calculator

Will your dream home or property fit into your budget? Estimate your monthly payments, compare interest rates, or just dream a little. Whether you're in the market now or just shopping around, this mortgage calculator can help.

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Monthly Overview

  • Principal & Interest
  • Property Taxes
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • HOA Dues
  • Total Monthly Payment

Payment Summary

  • Down Payment %
  • Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment
  • Total Interest Paid
  • Total Cost of Mortgage

Using the Mortgage Calculator

Enter the estimated figures to get an idea of what your monthly mortgage payments may be. Remember that tax and insurance amounts will vary widely depending on where you live and the type of home you purchase.

Home Price ($)
Asking price for the property.
Down Payment ($)
The initial, up-front payment on the property.
Loan Term (Years)
Amount of time to repay the loan.
Annual Interest Rate (%)
The fixed rate of interest charged per year.
Annual Property Tax ($)
Also known as millage tax - the amount of tax required for the property.
Annual Homeowners Insurance ($)
Insurance that covers the property and owner liability.
Monthly HOA Fees ($)
Required in some neighborhoods - fees owed to the Home Owners Association.
Principal & Interest
The monthly amount you'll pay that goes towards the principal and interest of the loan.
Property Taxes
The monthly amount paid towards your property tax.
Homeowners Insurance
The monthly amount paid for your homeowner's coverage.
HOA Dues
Your monthly Home Owners Association dues.
Total Monthly Payment
The amount of your monthly mortgage payment.