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Wyoming Gift Card Laws

Wyoming Consumer Protection Laws

Wyoming has not enacted any significant legislation with regard to gift cards. Wyoming law does specify that a gift card or certificate over $100.00 that has not been redeemed after 3 years will escheat to the state. The federal CARD law does provide some basic consumer protection and mandates a 5 year minimum for gift card expiration dates and no post sale fees may be assessed for at least 1 year. This does not include gift cards given as part of a promotional event or loyalty reward program.

While the lack of consumer protection laws in Wyoming is disappointing, we are encouraged by the protection afforded consumers through the federal CARD act. We are hopeful that Wyoming will pursue enacting legislation to provide consumer protection with regard to gift cards.

About Wyoming

Wyoming became a state on June 10, 1890. It is the first state that gave women the right to vote and had the first national park at Yellowstone. Wyoming has the largest coal mine and leads the country in coal production. Wyoming has the lowest population of all 50 states. JC Penney stores were started in Wyoming. Devils tower became the first National Monument in 1906 and is also the famous location from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Wyoming has one of the lowest crime rates in the country although it also has one of the highest rates of domestic violence.

Wyoming Statistics

The US Census Bureau reports that over 576,000 people live in Wyoming.

Approximately 70.5% own their home and 10.1% live below poverty level.

The unemployment rate in Wyoming is 4.6%.

Wyoming's Consumer Protection Laws

Wyoming's Attorney General has information regarding consumer protection.

Selling Your Card

You received a gift card from a dear aunt who clearly does not know what you like. You would love to trade it for cash so you look at some websites where you can sell your card. You may want to look for alternatives first. Maybe you can re-gift it or trade with a friend or relative. Bottom line is that if you sell it online you will not get its full value. Sometimes you will only get a fraction of its worth.

Gift Cards For Children

When giving a gift card to a child, taking them to the store may have to be part of the gift. The child may be limited by way of transportation and parents or guardians may have very busy schedules. The trip may be the best part of the gift. You can spend time with the child and help them pick out something good rather than a quick impulse buy. They may even prefer time with you over a gift card.

What's Happening in Wyoming Today