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West Virginia Gift Card Laws

West Virginia Consumer Protection Laws

West Virginia has not passed any significant legislation regarding consumer protection for gift cards. Fortunately the federal CARD law mandates a minimum of 5 years for cards with expiration dates and 1 year before any post sale fees may be assessed. West Virginia law does state that if unused after 3 years the card will escheat to the state.

While the lack of consumer protection legislation in West Virginia is disappointing, we are encouraged by the federal protections that have been put in place. We look forward to West Virginia moving forward with legislation designed to protect consumers.

About West Virginia

Statehood was granted to West Virginia on June 20, 1863. West Virginia is the only state that was created by presidential proclamation and was the only one formed during the Civil War. West Virginia has the dubious honor of being the first state to have a sales tax.

West Virginia was where, in 1928, Mrs. Minnie Buckingham Harper became the first African American woman to become a member of a legislative body in the US. The Golden Delicious apple originated in West Virginia.

West Virginia Statistics

According to the US Census Bureau over 1.8 million people reside in West Virginia. Of those, approximately 74.3% own their home and 17.5% live below poverty level, which is higher than the national average of 14.3%.

The unemployment rate in West Virginia is currently 6.1%.

West Virginia's Consumer Protection Laws

The West Virginia Legislature maintains a website with consumer protection information.

Thinking About A Gift?

Perhaps you know someone and there is also a store that you think would be perfect for them. You purchase a gift card they can use either online or at any of the store's locations. As it turns out your intended gift recipient lives in an area with no internet access and it's a two hour drive to the nearest location of that shop. Was it truly a thoughtful gift?

Card Crafts

In the fun Winter months the joyful reverie of freshly fallen snow can be shattered by hooligans with snowballs. Sweaters may keep you warm, but offer little protection from frigid projectiles. An innovation may help you recycle old gift cards and provide much needed protection. Simply sew the cards into the sweater, creating a hard shield built into the material. A gift cardigan, if you will.

What's Happening in West Virginia Today