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South Dakota Gift Card Laws

South Dakota Consumer Protection Laws

South Dakota does not currently have any significant consumer protection laws pertaining to gift cards. Fortunately the Federal CARD act sets a minimum requirement of 5 years on expiration dates and one year before any post sale fees can be charged.

The lack of consumer protection laws in South Dakota is disappointing but we are encouraged that the federal government has enacted laws to provide some basic protection.

About South Dakota

On November 2, 1889, South Dakota entered into statehood. South Dakota is home to the largest underground gold mine and to Mammoth Site where there are many mammoth fossils.

Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota as are the Badlands which is known as "the playground" of the dinosaur. Famous South Dakotans include Calamity Jane, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Tom Brokaw.

South Dakota Statistics

South Dakota is home to over 830 thousand citizens reports the US Census Bureau.

Approximately 69% of South Dakotans own their own home and 13.8% live below poverty level.

Unemployment in South Dakota is currently 3.9%, second lowest in the nation (lowest goes to North Dakota).

South Dakota's Consumer Protection Laws

To see what little South Dakota is doing to protect consumers, visit the Office of the Attorney General.

Lost Gift Card?

You had a gift card but it has been lost, now what? Generally speaking, not much. If you have the receipt for purchase and for any card uses you may be able to go back to the merchant for a replacement. Not all merchants will allow that but it's best to save your receipts just in case.

Consumer Tip: Traveling Safe

Vacation time is for relaxing. It's a time to let your worries go and just enjoy the moment. The problem there is, if you don't take some basic steps to keep your money and gift cards or credit cards safe your vacation can become very unpleasant. Avoid flashing any money or cards. Keep them somewhere secure or hidden and then you can relax.

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