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South Carolina Gift Card Laws

South Carolina Consumer Protection Laws

South Carolina has little by way of laws regarding gift cards. Fortunately the federal CARD law provides for a minimum of 5 years on expiration dates and 1 year inactivity before any after sale fees can occur. South Carolina and Federal law mandate that if there is an expiration date or fees that it be clearly stated.

South Carolina consumer protection laws regarding gift cards are disappointing, but we are encouraged by the federal laws. We hope South Caroling will work to better the consumer protection laws for their consumers.

About South Carolina

South Carolina became a state on May 23, 1788. South Carolina is the leading supplier of peaches East of the Mississippi River. Now known as the Palmetto State, South Carolina used to be the Iodine State – which was prominently displayed on their license plates.

Myrtle Beach, SC, is the leading East coast resort destination. Summerville draws many tourists in the Spring to enjoy the millions of spring blossoms in the many public and private gardens there. South Carolina has been home to famous people such as John C Calhoun, Joe Frazier, Dizzy Gillespie, President Andrew Jackson, John Rutledge, Strom Thurman and Vanna White.

South Carolina Statistics

The US Census Bureau reports that South Carolina is home to over 4.7 million residents.

Approximately 70% of South Carolinian's own their own home and 17% live below poverty level, which is higher than the 14.3% national average.

Unemployment in South Carolina is currently 8.1%.

South Carolina's Consumer Protection Laws

The South Carolina Secretary of State provides information about the State is doing with regard to consumer protection.

First Resort: Gift Cards

Perhaps you or someone you know is traveling to a resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. People go there for the beautiful beaches and resorts, and with resorts you get shopping. If you find out ahead of time what shops are there and determine what would be best for the recipient of the gift, you can give them a gift card for the shop(s). What a great gift!

Card Uses: Basic Needs

One complaint about receiving a gift card is that it restricts you to spending it in one place. One way to resolve this is by giving a gift card for a necessity so that it frees up the recipient to spend the money wherever they want. Examples would be a gift card for gas or groceries. Then explain to the person your logic and they will not only thank you but be impressed by how clever you are.

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