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Pennsylvania Gift Card Laws

Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Laws

Although Pennsylvania does have laws pertaining to gift cards the protections offered to consumers are less than those supplied by the federal CARD act. Under the CARD act the minimum time frame for expiration is 5 years.

We find the Pennsylvania consumer protection laws disappointing but are encouraged by the federal laws. We look forward to better legislation in the future for Pennsylvania.

About Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania became a state on December 12, 1787. Hershey, PA is the chocolate capital of the US. Betsy Ross made the first US flag in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is also the home of the cheese steak sandwich, soft pretzels and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Pennsylvania is rich in US history as well as being home to a large Amish community.

Pennsylvania Statistics

The US Census Bureau states that over 12.7 million people live in Pennsylvania. Over 70% of Pennsylvanians own their own home and 12.6% live below poverty level.

The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania is 7.5%.

Pennsylvania's Consumer Protection Laws

More information on consumer protection laws can be found with the State's Attorney General's Office.

Cards For Friends

You may have a friend in Pennsylvania or you may even live there. Either way it's a good place to visit to learn more about the history of the United States. Philadelphia once served as the US Capitol. If you're going you may want some cool educational souvenirs. When bringing children that may be a way to direct spending is through a gift card and adding that it must be "educational."

Gift Card Not Accepted

You can get wonderful handcrafted items from the Amish communities in Pennsylvania but you may be limited with regard to technology in your use of gift cards. You may wish to check first or be prepared to bring cash.

What's Happening in Pennsylvania Today