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Oregon Gift Card Laws

Oregon Consumer Protection Laws

Oregon has passed legislation affecting gift cards. Under Oregon law gift cards cannot have expiration dates or after-sale fees and are redeemable for cash if the value is under $5.00. Cards sold below face value can expire as long as the expiration is more than 30 days and it is clearly stated.

Oregon has some good laws to protect its consumers, more so than most states. We find this level of consumer protection very encouraging and hope that they will continue their efforts.

About Oregon

Oregon became a state on February 14, 1859. Hells Canyon, which is 8,000 feet deep, is the deepest gorge in North America. Oregon has more ghost towns than any state. Oregon and New Jersey are the only 2 states that do not offer self-service gas stations. As pioneers expanded West the longest trail was the Oregon Trail which extended 2,000 miles from Missouri to Oregon.

Oregon Statistics

The US Census Bureau reports that approximately 3.9 million people live in Oregon. Of these, 63% own their own home and 14.8% live below poverty level.

The unemployment rate in Oregon is 7.9%.

State's Consumer Protection Laws

Information on Oregon consumer protection can be found at the Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Protection.

Oregon's Consumer Protection Laws

To see what the Big Sky state is doing for consumer protection visit the website for the Montana Department of Justice.

Consumer Tip: Count Every Penny

Every year billions of dollars go unused on gift cards. In many states unused balances get escheated to the state. If you are using your gift card make sure you use it all or keep track of the laws to know when you have to use it by.

Gift Card Décor

One way to recycle cards is a decorative wall covering or perhaps siding on your house. Gift cards may even work well as shingles. Then again, maybe not. Although you might use them as décor or even weave them together to create a storage bag. Be creative with your recycling.

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