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Oklahoma Gift Card Laws

Oklahoma Consumer Protection Laws

Oklahoma has enacted gift card specific legislation. As with the federal requirements the gift cards have a minimum expiration of 5 years. If the card is reloadable but inactive for 2 years with a balance $5 or less a $1 monthly fee may be charged. If inactive after 5 years balance will escheat to the state.

The consumer protection provided by Oklahoma is average compared to other states. While this level of protection is encouraging, we look forward to more progress to protect consumers.

About Oklahoma

Oklahoma became a state on November 16, 1907. Per capita, Oklahoma has more tornadoes than any other state and was the setting for the movie Twister. Oklahoma was the home of Will Rogers and Garth Brooks as well as notorious outlaw Belle Starr. Oklahoma was originally designated as Indian Territory but in 1889 was open to settlers.

On the opening day over 50,000 people swarmed into the area to stake land. Those who tried to beat the starting gun at noon were called "Sooners" which is where the state's nickname comes from. Oklahoma still has the largest population of Native Americans of any state.

Oklahoma Statistics

The unemployment rate in Oklahoma is 5.2%.

The US Census Bureau shows that over 3.8 million people reside in Oklahoma. Approximately 68% of all Sooners own their own home, while 16.3% live below poverty level.

Oklahoma's Consumer Protection Laws

Information can be found at the Oklahoma Attorney General's website.

Consumer Tip: Stay Alert

Notices will be posted in the news warning of scams and computer hacking which may affect you. Whereas with a gift card there is little danger of a hacker getting your identity, they may be able to get the card number and PIN and may attempt to use your card to make online purchases.

Less Pressure With Gift Cards

Sometimes you may receive a gift that you feel obligated to like, even to keep because returning it or getting rid of it will just insult the giver. A gift card can be very generous and ensures the recipient will get just what they need or want.

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