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Ohio Gift Card Laws

Ohio Consumer Protection Laws

Ohio has enacted laws regarding gift cards. Under Ohio statutes gift cards must have at least a 2 year expiration date but the federal CARD law extends this to 5 years. Ohio law prohibits any fees prior to 2 years after the card was issued. Unused cards will not be escheated to the state. Gift cards where there was no money exchanged are not covered.

Ohio has some consumer protection but it is less than what most states provide. While we are disappointed with what protection Ohio offers we are encouraged by the federal statutes and hope Ohio will continue to develop their consumer protection laws.

About Ohio

Ohio became the 17th state on March 1, 1803. Ohio Senator John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth then in 1998, at age 77, he was the oldest man to go into outer space. The Buckeye State boasts many firsts including the first ambulance service, the first traffic light, the first professional baseball team, the first to use police cars, the first professional fire department and Cleveland, Ohio became the first city to be lighted electrically

Ohio Statistics

The US Census Bureau reports that over 11.5 million people live in Ohio.

Approximately 69% of Ohio residents own their own home and 14.8% live below poverty level.

The unemployment rate in Ohio is 7.2%.

Ohio's Consumer Protection Laws

Ohio's Attorney General has more information about the states other consumer protection laws.

Gift Cards As Teaching Tools

You have just given a gift card to a younger relative, now you can teach them a thing or two. Most likely, the child will want to go to the store soon and a few impulse buys later the card will be depleted. This is an opportunity to teach the child about bargain shopping and using coupons. In this way they will get the most bang for their buck and you will have given a gift far more valuable than a card.

Online Gift Cards

It is especially important to read the rules and restrictions for online gift cards. The card might be from another state and so have different rules than your home state. Check to see what rules are being used and how they apply to you.

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