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New York Gift Card Laws

New York Consumer Protection Laws

New York law allows for any expiration date and extra fees after 1 year of inactivity so long as it is clearly disclosed. After 5 years of inactivity the card will be considered abandoned property and will escheat to the state. Fortunately the federal CARD law provides protection the state law does not and mandates a minimum 5 year expiration date.

New York offers less protection to consumers than most states with regard to gift cards. We are encouraged that the federal law helps provide protection and hope that New York will work to improve the protection it provides.

About New York

New York became the 11th state on July 26, 1788. It is home to New York City which, in turn, is home to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, Broadway, Wall Street, the NY Stock Exchange, the United Nations, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the world's largest Saint Patrick's Day parade as well as the largest department store Macy's and their Thanksgiving Day Parade which has been going since 1924.

Ground Zero is also in New York City to commemorate the events of 9-11-2001. New York is also known for the world famous Niagara Falls, is the birthplace of Jello as well as Buffalo's spicy chicken wings. New York has more skiing mountains than any other state. New York is home to the first public brewery, the first state park, potato chips, ready-made mayonnaise, Thousand Island dressing and the first pizzeria.

New York Statistics

The US Census Bureau reports there are over 19.5 million New Yorkers. Over 8 million of those live in New York City.

Approximately 55% of New York residents own their own home which is less than the national average of 66%.

The State's unemployment rate is still higher than many at 7.5%.

New York's Consumer Protection Laws

You can learn more about New York consumer protection at the Department of State Division of Consumer Protection.

Gift Cards For The Big Apple

If you are thinking about a trip to New York City, then planning is important. There are many famous and historic places to visit in New York. When vacationing one danger is that you spend too much in one place and have nothing left for a place you find on the end of your trip. One plan might be to get gift cards for the places you want to go which can help in two ways. First it means that you will have money to spend where you wanted to spend it and second if you are not sure what to do next just pick a card….any card.

Practical Gift Giving

You love this shop and you know your friend or relative will also love it. What better way to encourage them to go than give them a gift card. Hold it right there. Before you purchase the card consider a few questions: Will the location of the store make it easy or even practical for the gift recipient to go there? Is it a unique place or are there other locations? Are you getting the card for the right merchant? What if you know that your friend loves movies so you go purchase a gift card from the nearest theater? Does that same theater chain have a location near where the recipient lives or will they have to drive a long way because you didn't give them a gift card for the theater 5 minutes from where they live?

What's Happening in New York Today