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New Mexico Gift Card Laws

New Mexico Consumer Protection Laws

New Mexico has passed legislation affecting gift cards. New Mexico law states that fees after the sale are not permitted. Although New Mexico state law lacks limits on expiration dates, the Federal CARD law mandates a 5 year minimum. In New Mexico, if you have a gift card that goes unused for 5 years it will escheat the state on December 31st of that year.

The amount of consumer protection offered in New Mexico is less than most states. We are encouraged by the federal laws protecting consumers and hope that New Mexico will be more proactive in this regard.

About New Mexico

New Mexico became a state on January 6, 1912. There are far more sheep and cattle in New Mexico than people. The famous Carlsbad Caverns, home to over half million bats, can be found in New Mexico. The largest cavern is 22 stories high and as long as 10 football fields. One third of the population in New Mexico speak Spanish at home.

New Mexico Statistics

Over 2 million people reside in New Mexico according to the US Census Bureau.

Approximately 70% of New Mexicans own their own home but 19% live below poverty level, which is higher than the national average of 14.33%.

The unemployment rate in New Mexico is 6.8%.

New Mexico's Consumer Protection Laws

More information on consumer protection laws in New Mexico can be found with the Office of the Attorney General.

Gift Cards For Fictional Characters

What do you get for someone who isn't real? A large gift card for Sherriff Brody from Jaws so he can get the 'bigger boat' he requested. Spiderman might benefit from a gift card to a chemical supply store so he can make more web. The castaways from Gilligan's Island could probably use a bunch of cards to patch that hole in their boat. Perhaps a navigational system for Bugs Bunny, who frequently got lost because he should have turned left at Albuquerque.

Gift Card For Help Budgeting

Gift cards can be a useful tool to help you keep with your budget. After the normal bills are paid you can determine how much you will need for groceries and other supplies in a month. The next step is to determine where you will purchase the items you need. Next you purchase the cards and use only the amount on the card.

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