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New Jersey Gift Card Laws

New Jersey Consumer Protection Laws

New Jersey has enacted legislation regarding gift cards to protect consumers. Gift cards in New Jersey may not be sold with fees or expiration dates. If the remaining balance on a gift card is below $5.00 a merchant has to offer a cash refund.

New Jersey has enacted comprehensive regulations regarding gift cards that protect consumers. The state regulations provide more protection than the federal CARD law. We are encouraged by the ongoing improvement of consumer protection legislation.

About New Jersey

New Jersey became the 3rd state on December 18, 1787. New Jersey is the most densely populated state with approximately 1,030 people per square mile (13 times the national average). It also has the densest system of highways and railroads in the U.S. Need a place to eat? New Jersey has the most diners in the world. Thomas Edison, working from his lab in Menlo Park, invented the light bulb, phonograph and motion picture projector all in New Jersey. The streets in the game Monopoly all come from Atlantic City, NJ, which is also home of the largest boardwalk in the world.

New Jersey natives include Bruce Springsteen, Jack Nicholson, Bon Jovi, Jason Alexander, Frank Sinatra, Queen Latifa and President Grover Cleveland. The Garden State is known for its tomatoes and sweet corn and perhaps ironically it is also the largest chemical producing state. New Jersey is home to the largest seaport in the US, the first drive in movie theater was opened there and the Garden State is also the place where the first baseball game was played.

New Jersey Statistics

The US Census Bureau reports that over 8.8 million people reside in New Jersey.

Home ownership in the Garden State is approximately 67% and 9.4% live below poverty level, which is lower than the national average of 14.3%.

The current unemployment rate in New Jersey is at 8.7%, higher than the national average.

New Jersey's Consumer Protection Laws

See what New Jersey is doing to protect consumers at the Division of Consumer Affairs.

Down The Jersey Shore

So, you're heading down to the Jersey Shore to enjoy the beaches, the boardwalk and the shopping. You are heading to the beach and wondering what to do with the gift cards given to you from your trip. Should you take them with you to the beach or leave them in the car? Most states have a reputation of some kind and it's good to know when making such a decision. For example, knowing New Jersey is the car theft capital might make that decision a bit easier.

Get The Right Gift Card

Purchasing a gift card may be easier than picking out a specific gift, but you still have to do your homework. Are there certain places where the recipient will not shop for reasons other than price? Perhaps the merchant in question engages in practices or sells certain products that might be considered offensive or wrong by some. Giving someone a gift card for a merchant they deliberately avoid may be seen as more insulting than kind.

What's Happening in New Jersey Today