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New Hampshire Gift Card Laws

New Hampshire Consumer Protection Laws

New Hampshire has consumer protection laws pertaining to gift cards. Gift cards sold for $100.00 or less may not expire, but there is no state law for minimum expiration dates for cards over $100.00. Fortunately, the Federal CARD law establishes a 5 year minimum expiration dates for cards. New Hampshire law forbids after-sale fees. Gift cards greater than $100.00 will escheat to the state if unused after 5 years.

New Hampshire has made positive steps in enacting legislation to protect consumers. Currently they are average compared to other states. We are encouraged by the current legislation but hope they will continue to develop and improve their consumer protection.

About New Hampshire

One of the original colonies, New Hampshire became the 9th state on June 21, 1788. New Hampshire was the first state to declare its independence from England – 6 months before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Mount Washington is known for the highest recorded surface wind speed recorded (231 mph). New Hampshire gave us the first alarm clock, public library, state lottery, and Tupperware. During the 20th century New Hampshire recorded over 200 earthquakes.

New Hampshire Statistics

The US Census Bureau tells us over 1.3 million people make their home in New Hampshire.

Approximately 72% of New Hampshire residents own their own home.

The median income is over $64k in New Hampshire and 8% live below poverty level, which is well below the national average of 14.3% and the unemployment rate is only 5.2%.

New Hampshire's Consumer Protection Laws

New Hampshire's consumer protections efforts can be found on the website for the Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General.

Know Your Gift Card

Even though you should, you may not take the time to look up the state and federal gift card laws that affect you. That's alright, just take a moment to read the card itself or the package it came in, which will detail all the information pertaining to that card.

Seasonal Gift Cards

Depending on your location, a seasonal gift might be a gift card appropriate to the activities of the season. Gardening supplies for spring. Gift card for somewhere offering beach supplies for summer. Fall might be well served with a card for somewhere one might purchase a rake. Snow skiing supplies for winter. Residents with families in Florida might benefit from emergency supplies for hurricane season.

What's Happening in New Hampshire Today