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Nevada Gift Card Laws

Nevada Consumer Protection Laws

Nevada has some laws dealing with gift cards, but they are minimal and made superfluous by the Federal CARD law, which provides much better consumer protection. The CARD law puts a minimum of five years on expiration dates and no extra fees can be charged until after a minimum of one year of card inactivity. Nevada law indicates that inactive cards will escheat to the state upon expiration.

Nevada has fewer consumer protection laws related to gift cards than most states. The lack of protection provided is disappointing, but we are encouraged by the Federal CARD law and hope that Nevada will move forward with better consumer protection efforts.

About Nevada

Nevada became a state on Oct. 31, 1864. Considering the number of costumes you can see in Las Vegas in a single day, perhaps it's appropriate that it became a state on Halloween. Nevadans and their visitors consume more shrimp than anywhere in the US – more than 60,000 pounds per day. Las Vegas has more hotel accommodations than any other city in the world. Approximately 150 couples get married in Las Vegas every day. Hoover Dam, the largest public works project ever in the US is in Nevada.

Nevada Statistics

  • Over 2.75 million Nevadans are in residence according to the US Census Bureau.
  • Home ownership is at 59.1% and 12.9% live below poverty level.
  • The unemployment rate in Nevada currently stands at 9.6%, the highest in the nation.

Nevada's Consumer Protection Laws

To learn about consumer protection in Nevada visit the website of the Nevada Attorney General.

State Versus Federal Law

Several states provide very minimal protection to the consumer regarding gift cards. There is the Federal CARD law that went into effect that does provide some consumer protection. Some states provide even greater protections than the Federal law. Take the time to know what laws affect you and which ones provide the most protection. Vendors may be (or claim to be) ignorant of some laws and insist they follow whichever one provided the least protection.

Save In Las Vegas With Gift Cards

People who go gambling in Las Vegas can easily be swept up by the games, sometimes spending far more than they wanted to. If you want to go see certain shows or eat at certain places it might help to get gift cards ahead of time and then only go to a place where you cannot exchange them for chips to gamble.

What's Happening in Nevada Today