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Montana Gift Card Laws

Montana Consumer Protection Laws

Montana has enacted legislation that relates to gift cards and is designed to protect consumers. In Montana gift cards cannot have expiration dates or impose post-sale fees. If a gift card has less than $5 then merchants must give cash back if requested. There is one negative to Montana's laws in that if a gift card is not used, then on 12-31 of the third year after purchase it will escheat to the state. This law does not include prepaid telephone or technical support cards and cards provided as part of a loyalty or promotion where no money was exchanged.

We are very encouraged by Montana's proactive consumer protection laws dealing with gift cards. Overall Montana has better laws than most states and their requirements surpass the Federal laws. We hope Montana continues to develop these laws.

About Montana

Montana became a state on Nov. 8, 1889. In an average square mile in Montana you might find 1.4 elk, 1.4 antelope and 3.3 deer. It is unclear at this time whether or not the deer and antelope play. Montana has more species of mammals than any other state. It also has the largest population of grizzly bears in the country with the exception of Alaska. The "Big sky" state is home to two famous parks, Glacier National Park which it shares with Canada and Yellowstone National Park, which it shares with Wyoming.

Montana Statistics

  • Approximately 1 million people live in Montana and of that 69 percent own their own home according to the USCensusBureau.
  • Unemployment is at 5.4 percent, which is less than the national rate of 7.6 percent.

Montana's Consumer Protection Laws

To see what the Big Sky state is doing for consumer protection visit the website for the Montana Department of Justice.

Speak Up And Don't Be A Victim

Maybe you took precautions or maybe you didn't know to even take precautions, either way if you have been scammed out of money it's wrong and you need to take action. You may or may not be able to get your money back, but if you were conned or the victim of deceptive sales practices you need to let the authorities know. Most states have a procedure to make them aware of such situations so they can take action. So whether you write a detailed complaint to the state government or call in the police you need to take action for yourself and to prevent others from falling prey.

Trading Cards

Gift card giving has opened up a whole new type of trading cards. Perhaps you were given a card for a cool merchant, but a friend or relative got one for the same amount at the place you really wanted, maybe a trade can be made. Trading with friends and relatives can be fun and safe to do, just be careful about websites offering the same service. If your sibling rips you off, you can threaten to tell mom. If a stranger on a website cons you, then your actions will have to be more extensive to make things right, including contacting the website and the authorities.

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