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Mississippi Gift Card Laws

Mississippi Consumer Protection Laws

Mississippi has little by way of laws that deal with gift cards compared to other states, and what there is provides no protection for consumers. Thankfully, the Federal CARD law provides for a 5 year minimum for expiration dates and no after sale charges unless the card has not been used for more than one year.

Mississippi's lack of effort to enact consumer protection laws regarding gift cards is disappointing, but we are encouraged by the Federal laws that have been enacted. We hope that Mississippi will move forward with legislation that will help protect their consumers.

About Mississippi

Mississippi became the 20th state on Dec. 10, 1817. The first cardiac transplant and the first human lung transplant both happened at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Mississippi has been home to many famous people including Oprah Winfrey, Elvis Presley, John Grisham and James Earl Jones. Mississippi is known as the "Magnolia State" and is the home to the world's largest cotton plantation. The Mississippi River is the largest in the nation. Root beer was invented in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1898. Pine Sol was invented in 1929 in Mississippi which was probably created to help clean up the mess after you made root beer.

Mississippi Statistics

  • Just under 3 million people reside in the state of Mississippi reports the US Census Bureau. 70 percent of Mississippi residents own their own home and 21.6 percent live below the poverty level, which is higher than the national average of 14.3%. Unemployment in Mississippi is currently at 9 percent, the third highest rate in the nation.

Mississippi's Consumer Protection Laws

Mississippi consumer protection information can be found on the website for the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Mississippi.

Overflowing River

According to CEB Research if you laid all the gift cards sold in 2012 end to end it would extend 5,318,813 miles long. The Mississippi River is 2,320 miles in length. So if you laid all the cards down end to end it would run the length of the Mississippi River 2,292 times. Wonder what Huckleberry Finn would say about that?

What To Look Out For

As with all purchases, always try to do your best to ensure you are buying your gift card from a reliable source. Avoid resale websites. You may get lucky and get a good card on a discount website, but there are plenty of criminals out there looking to scam you out of your money. If you can, purchase the card from the merchant where the card will be used and go over any specific rules or extra charges that might occur. It is important to be diligent so that others will not cheat you.

What's Happening in Mississippi Today