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Michigan Gift Card Laws

Michigan Consumer Protection Laws

Michigan has laws dealing with gift cards to provide some consumer protection. Michigan law is the same as the Federal law with regard to mandating that if there is an expiration that it cannot be less than five years from the date issued. Michigan also protects consumers but forbidding post sale fees and states that unless it has expired cards must be honored at all times, including liquidation events. Merchants are not required to give cash back on cards with small balances.

The protections offered by Michigan are on par with most states. We are encouraged by Michigan's statutes and hope they continue to strive for better consumer protection.

About Michigan

Michigan became a state on Jan. 26, 1837. Detroit, Michigan, is known as the car capital of the world. Michigan has more shoreline than any other state except Alaska. President Gerald Ford was born and raised in Michigan. The Kellogg Company is also located in Michigan. All the Great Lakes border Michigan except Lake Ontario.

Michigan Statistics

  • The US Census Bureau reports that more than 9.8 million citizens live in Michigan. Of that, 73.5 percent own their own homes and 15.7 percent live below poverty, which is higher than the national average of 14.3%. The unemployment rate in Michigan is 8.8%.

Michigan's Consumer Protection Laws

Information on consumer protection laws in Michigan can be found on the Attorney General's page.

Fun With Gift Cards

There are many things you can do with gift cards in Michigan. The most obvious activity is to go shopping and pick out just what you want. What about when you are all done shopping and have completely empty cards? You can recycle them, of course, but what about fun at the beach? A gift card can be a great tool for scooping sand and sculpting a sand castle. Or, if you have enough, you can build a gift card fortress in the sand or use the colorful cards as a decorative shielding for your castle.

To Gift Or Not To Gift

The question as to whether to shop in the hopes of finding that perfect gift or get a nice gift card so that the recipient can be sure they will get what they want is one often asked. Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular both as something easy to find and purchase as well as something asked for. While it will never replace the homemade item or craft, it does help when you are shopping for that hard to find and much in demand item.

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