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Iowa Gift Card Laws

Iowa Consumer Protection Laws

Iowa is among the few states that has little by way of state laws relating to gift cards. Currently they have only a statute mandating that issuers of gift cards and certificates may not charge extra fees unless there is a contract in place between the issuer and consumer.

Fortunately, the federal government has enacted the CARD act providing a minimum expiration date of 5 years on gift cards. The time period starts at time of purchase and is reset whenever new money is loaded into the card.

While it is disappointing that Iowa has enacted so few laws to protect its consumers, it is encouraging that the Federal laws are helping.

About Iowa

Iowa, the Hawkeye State, was admitted to the union on December 28, 1846. Famous Iowans include President Herbert Hoover and actor John Wayne. Iowa is a leading food producer including hog, cattle, poultry, eggs, dairy products and 20% of all corn grown in the US. Red Delicious apples, originally called the Hawkeye Apple came from Iowa.

Iowa Statistics

  • Iowa is home to 3,074,186 residents.
  • The US Census Bureau also states that 73% of Iowans own their own home.
  • While the median income is $50,451 in Iowa, 11.9% are living below poverty level.
  • On the average, an Iowan will have a 19 minute commute.

Iowa's Consumer Protection Laws

To learn more about Iowa consumer protection visit the website for the Office of the Attorney General.

Why Give A Gift Card?

Ever received a present you didn't want? How about that alabaster cat statue with the freaky eyes? The droopy dog wind chimes? Sometimes you don't know what to get and other times you get something and you don't know what to do with it without insulting the giver. Gift cards can avoid the unpleasant situations and provides the recipient with the additional bonus of the joy of shopping!

Generation Gap Cards

Here is one more reason gift cards are so useful. Sometimes you want to buy a present for a much younger or older relative, but have no idea what they would want. You might ask a store clerk what people of that age are buying. You might even get lucky. Chances are, you will be getting the wrong thing and convey to the recipient how much you don't know them. If you can narrow it down to the store where the "giftee" likes to shop, you can get a card for them – letting them know you know what they like without the risk of trying to get a specific gift.

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