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Indiana Gift Card Laws

Indiana Consumer Protection Laws

Indiana does not have any specific regulations or consumer protection laws regarding gift cards. What they have done is exempt gift cards and gift certificates from the unclaimed property act.

Fortunately the federal laws enacted will provide some protection.

Indiana's consumer protection in this area is poor compared to other states. We hope they will enact legislation to help better protect their residents.

About Indiana

The Hoosier State was admitted into the union on December 11, 1815. It is home to the Indianapolis 500. Indiana is known as the "Cross roads of America" and boasts more miles of interstate highway than any other state. It is the birthplace of the Raggedy Ann doll and talk show host David Letterman. It is a leader both in industry and agriculture and has huge deposits of limestone and other minerals.

Indiana Statistics

  • As reported by the US Census Bureau, the state of Indiana has 6,537,334 residents.
  • 24.3% of Indiana residents are under 18 years old, while 13.6% are over 65.
  • 71.1% of Hoosiers own their own home with a median household income of $48,393.
  • 14% of Indiana residents are living below poverty level.

Indiana's Consumer Protection Laws

If you want to learn more about consumer protection in Indiana please go to the state Attorney General's website.

Where Do Gift Cards Go To Die?

Well, according to the Mother Nature Network, over 75 million pounds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC – the plastic cards are made of) ends up in the dump every year. A number of larger companies have started making their gift cards out of biodegradable material. Some stores have a card recycling program. As a consumer you have some choices. You might only use biodegradable cards, reload and re-gift cards given to you, recycle with the store, or look online for a facility that will handle recycling your old non-biodegradable cards.

Alternative Uses For Gift Cards

What do you do with a used up gift card? If it's biodegradable you might just throw it out or you might recycle it. There might be more fun and creative ways to recycle. Nowadays, gift cards are no longer plain looking. Some have cool art or cute puppies or kittens, maybe a cartoon character or superhero. Depending on your tastes you might make a mobile for a baby's crib or perhaps some wind chimes. They might be sewn together to make a handbag or perhaps placemats. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

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