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Idaho Gift Card Laws

Idaho Consumer Protection Laws

Idaho offers little by way of laws regarding consumer protection with regard to gift cards or gift certificates.

Under the state laws, gift cards or certificates can expire at any time and there is no limit on post-sale fees. Idaho defines gift cards and gift certificates as "intangible property".

Under federal law gift cards issued by stores cannot expire before 5 years and they may only charge other fees if the card has been inactive for 1 year.

Idaho is doing little to protect consumers with regard to gift cards or gift certificates. Compared to other states their statutes in this matter are poor. We very much hope Idaho will improve in the near future.

About Idaho

Idaho became a state on July 3, 1890. Idaho is the nation's top producer of not only potatoes, which it is well known for, but also trout, Austrian Winter peas and lentils. Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in the US, even deeper than the Grand Canyon. The Birds of Prey Wildlife Area has the densest population of eagles, falcons and hawks in the world.

Idaho Statistics

  • According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 1,595,728 citizens reside in Idaho. Of those, 26.7% are under 18 and 13.3% are over 65.
  • The median household income is $46,890 and 14.3%, the same as the national average, live below poverty level.
  • The Idaho Department of Labor reports the unemployment rate is now at 6.2%.

Idaho's Consumer Protection Laws

For more information on Idaho's consumer protection laws, please visit the website for the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Idaho.

Are You Protected?

When purchasing a gift card, you should take the time to find out under what state laws it is being sold and what consumer protections you have – or don't have. Some states have very strict laws regarding cards regarding expiration dates and fees and other states have little to no regulation at all regarding gift cards. Know what you are buying and the rules and your rights or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Save Your Receipts

When using a gift card, save your receipts as long as you have money left on the card. If the card is lost or stolen some stores will replace the card if you have your receipts.