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Florida Gift Card Laws

Florida Consumer Protection Laws

In 2012 Florida enacted gift card legislation designed to protect consumers. In general, there are no expiration dates or extra fees allowed after a sale, however a gift card may have an expiration date under certain conditions.

  1. Not less than 3 years for charitable contributions
  2. Not less than 1 year if given as part of an incentive program for employees (expiration date must be clearly disclosed).
  3. Cards can expire at any time if the card is given as part of a loyalty or promotional program or event. This can be done only if there are no extra charges or if it is part of the event.
  4. Merchants in Florida are not required to give cash back.

Compared to other states, Florida has good consumer protection lawsor those using gift cards. It is especially good that they do not allow expiration dates except for the exceptions listed above.

About Florida

Florida is a state of tourism, sunshine, beaches and oranges (let's not talk about the hurricanes.) The land that became Florida was first sited by explorer Ponce de Leon on April 2, 1513. Florida became the 27th state on March 3, 1845. The Sunshine State is the top travel destination in the world, with over 87.3 million visitors in 2011. It also ranks 4th in the nation in aerospace jobs, produces 67% of the oranges for the US and 40% of the world's orange juice. Florida boasts over 1,200 miles of beaches and more than 1,250 golf courses – more than any other state. Approximately 1,000 people move to Florida every day. No wonder Florida has the 4th highest population in the country.

Florida Statistics

The Sunshine State Stats:

  • Florida's population of 19,317,568 is younger than people assume, with only 18.2% of residents over 65 and 20.7% is under 18.
  • The unemployment rate in Florida is 7.1% and 14.7% of Floridians live below poverty level.

Florida's Consumer Protection Laws

You can learn more about Florida's consumer protection laws regarding gift cards at Online Sunshine, the official website of the Florida legislature.

The Place To Go – The Gift To Give

Florida is the world's leading travel destination. Warm weather, beaches, what could be better? Do you know what the number 1 activity is when people go on vacation? Shopping! Maybe someone dear to you is going on vacation and you want to give them something for their trip. What's light, easy to pack and makes for a great gift? How about a gift card!

That's A Lot Of Plastic

According to CEB TowerGroup Research American consumers purchased approximately $110 billion in gift cards in 2012. Each card is about 3.375 inches wide. Placed end to end there would be 18,744 cards in a mile. The average card purchased is $25. Assuming all cards were the same, $110 billion worth would be 234,741 miles of cards - enough to circle the Earth over 9 times. It's not quite enough to get to the Moon, but pretty close (Missed it by about 4000 miles. Maybe 2013 will get us all the way there!)