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Connecticut Gift Card Laws

Connecticut Consumer Protection Laws

Connecticut's gift card laws protect consumers by prohibiting expiration dates and service fees on gift cards as well as prepaid and general use cards. This robust law goes over and above the Federal CARD Act, not only by eliminating fees and expiration dates, but by covering a broad range of gift certificates and cards.

Connecticut's law is easy to understand and broad in its protection. This legislation demonstrates a genuine concern for the state's consumers.

About Connecticut

Connecticut is the fifth state of the original 13 states, with the first English settlers arriving in 1633 and statehood achieved in 1788. Today Connecticut is known for its strong economy, high home values and close proximity to New York City. The natural beauty stretches from the coastal waters of Long Island Sound to the peak of Bear Mountain, providing visitors and health enthusiast more than enough recreational opportunities.

Connecticut Statistics

  • The state is home to an estimated 3,590,347 residents as of 2012, and is barely adding any new residents, with a population growth rate of only .5%, which is much lower than the 1.7% national growth rate.
  • However, 68.9% of Connecticut residents own their homes. These homes have a median value of $293,100, far above the national median value of $186,200.
  • The unemployment rate , however, is a hefty 8%. That's the 15th highest in the country.

Connecticut's Consumer Protection Laws

Visit the Connecticut General Assembly to find more information about consumer protection and other laws that protect you.

Gift Card Ideas

Gift cards make the perfect gift in almost every situation. Many of your favorite stores even offer giveaways, discounts, and other incentives to purchase their cards. And since Connecticut law covers general use cards as well as store gift certificates, you don't have to worry about your gift expiring.

When Not To Give A Gift Card

There are times when gift cards may seem like the right gift, but probably are not. If someone is traveling outside of the country, gift cards may have little or no value while they're away. If you are giving a gift to someone who is confined indoors, a gift card will be of no use since they can't make it to the store. When you give a gift card, consider whether or not the receiver will use the card.