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Colorado Gift Card Laws

Colorado Consumer Protection Laws

Colorado Revised Statute, Section 6-1-722 and Section 38-13-108.4 applies to gift cards and certificates, and includes general use and prepaid cards. The provision prohibits expiration dates and service fees, dormancy fees, inactivity fees or any other fee. This robust law is a good complement for the Federal CARD Act.

Colorado's law is simple, straight forward and broad enough to offer Colorado residents true protection and confidence when purchasing or using gift cards. We applaud Colorado for these laws.

About Colorado

The 38th state was added to the union in 1876 and is well-known for its beauty and economy. Winter skiers flock to resorts for Aspen to Vail while summer climbers take on Pikes Peak. Concert goers throughout the world know that Red Rocks is the place to be while Airmen and women study at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. From Denver to Elizabeth, Castle Rock and Durango, the Centennial state continues to prosper.

Colorado Statistics

  • Colorado boasts 5.1 million residents, most of which live in the Denver metro area.
  • 66.8% of Colorado residents own their own home, close to the national average of 66.1%, while 12.5% live below the national poverty level, better than the national average of $14.3.
  • The average income is $57,685, higher than the national average of $52,762, although the unemployment rate, although declining, is still 6.9%.

Colorado's Consumer Protection Laws

Learn more about the laws that protect Colorado residents by visiting the Colorado General Assembly.

Gift Cards As Party Favors

Hosting a party can be a challenge. Menus, guest lists and activities all have to be planned. But celebrating life events, such as a wedding, new baby, anniversaries and birthdays create great memories that last much longer than the cake. For your next event, try giving gift cards as a prize or party favor. Not only will they last longer that desert or food items, but your guests will appreciate the flexibility to purchase something they can actually use.

Gift Cards On Vacation

Before you hit the road for your next vacation, even if it's just a weekend in the mountains, remember that unless you have gift cards that are essentially prepaid debit cards, you should leave them at home with your other valuables. Gift cards can be much harder to replace than that old pair of socks.