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Alaska Gift Card Laws

Alaska Consumer Protection Laws

Alaska rarely follows the lower 48 states when it comes to lifestyle and legislation. Therefore it is not surprising that Alaska does not currently have any state laws relating to gift cards. Gift cards are, of course, still protected by the Federal CARD act, which means consumers are still protected by minimum expiration dates of five years, beginning at the time funds are added or reloaded to the card.

It is discouraging, however that a state valuing individual freedoms as much as Alaska does by not seeks to offer additional protections to its consumers.

About Alaska

It's been said that everything is bigger in Texas. If that is true of the second largest state, it is even truer for the largest. Alaska not only has more land mass that any other state, but Alaska's Mount McKinley is the highest mountain peak on the continent. Alaska was purchased from Russian in 1867 for $$7.2 million, or 2 cents per acre. However, Alaskan residents have more debt per person than any other state despite a lower that average unemployment rate of 6%.

Alaska Statistics

  • The Average Income is $69,014, considerably above the national average of $52,762.
  • 9.5% of state residents live below poverty level, compared to the national average of 14.3%.
  • 64.3% of residents own their own home, lower than the national average of 66.1%.
  • 14.9% of Alaskan residents are Native Americans, much larger than the national average of 1.2%.

Alaska's Consumer Protection Laws

Contact Alaska state legislators for information about any current consumer protection laws.

Gift Card Ideas For Alaskans

Gift cards are always great gifts, whether for birthdays, anniversaries or just because. If you are close to a city, why not give restaurant gift cards? Or better yet, airline gift certificates. If Alaska Airlines flies from your special someone's town or to that family destination you want to visit, a gift certificate might be that perfect gift. If you're traveling to more remote areas, try calling the local air services to see if they have any gift certificates you can give.

Uses For Old Gift Cards

Do you have used gift cards collecting dust or lurking under stacks of books? Why not recycle them and turn them into gifts. Sure, gift cards are the perfect gift when they are new, but they are usually not too personal. Crafts made with used gift cards add that personal touch that says "I love you" and "I'm thinking about you enough to make something."

“I'm thinking about you enough to make something.”