Reviewed: The Uber Visa

The first credit card from Uber is well worth your attention. The Uber Visa offers high rewards for Uber-travel and entertainment spending. If you’re an avid Uber user and millennial, then don’t overlook this card.

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Featured Credit Cards of 2018
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Our Verdict

With generous rewards and millennial-friendly features, Uber's first credit card is definitely worth your consideration

The first credit card by Uber, the Uber Visa launched in November 2017 and boasts a load of rewards and perks that make it worth your attention.

For no annual fee, and after spending a modest $500 over three months on the card, you'll get $100 back the first year you sign-up.

Usually, you have to spend far more and pay an annual fee to get this kind of cash back.

The Uber Visa is a no-fuss rewards card that is made for a demographic of consumers who are spooked by credit cards and their horror stories of debt.

The envisioned Uber Visa cardholder spends their money on eating out, entertainment, travel, and Uber for transportation.

The Uber Visa card use the Uber app, making it easy to not only catch a ride when you need it but also track and redeem your rewards points.

Those points can easily be redeemed for instant-discounted (or free!) rides and many other entertainment-friendly companies by using the app.

Uber brought the taxi industry to its knees by offering customers what they wanted using only a simple app.

Uber Clients by Device (2017)

With the Uber Visa, the company is set to be a real challenger in the rewards card space.

Millennial or not, if you use Uber often and spend most of your money on enjoying life, then this card is definitely worth your consideration.

The Competition

The Uber Visa competes with the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa

Like the Uber Visa, the Chase Sapphire Preferred earns cardholders high rewards on bonus categories and earns points per every dollar spent.

It particularly excels in the travel category, with its easy-to-use Chase Ultimate Rewards platform.

Enjoy standard rewards on entertainment. If you spend your money at restaurants and on travel (i.e. hotel, airfares), the Sapphire Preferred will reward double points for every dollar spent.

Increased value through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Cardholders can redeem points for travel, airfare, and hotels with Chase Ultimate Rewards partners.

Each point is valued at 25% more through its rewards program booking compared to alternative booking sites.

Travel benefits aplenty. This card is worth the $95 annual fee if you are an international traveler.

Swipe your Sapphire Preferred card and pay no foreign transaction fees.

Travel insurance, baggage delays, and missed connections cost cardholders less because with Chase, the Sapphire Preferred will reimburse members for things like toiletries, hotel stays, or trip cancellations.

How the Uber Visa compares to the Chase Sapphire Preferred

Uber Visa Chase Sapphire Preferred
How high of credit score do you need?



Average APR?

15.99%, 21.74%, 24.74% (variable)

16.99%-23.99% (variable)

Annual fee?


$0 first year then $95

How big of sign-up bonus do you get?

10,000 points or $100

50,000 points

How much do you need to spend to get the bonus?



How many points do you get for every dollar?

On dining: 4 points

On travel: 3 points

On online purchases: 2 points

All other purchases: 1 point

On travel and dining: 2 points

All other purchases: 1 point

Any restrictions?

Rewards redemption capped at $500 daily

Need a minimum of 500 points for $5 to redeem for Uber credits.

All other redemptions start at 2,500 points for $25.

Rewards not available for anyone with any other Sapphire cards (Reserved)

If you spent $100 on the card, then how much would the points be worth in dollars?

On dining: 400 points or $4

On travel: 300 points or $3

On online purchases: 200 points or $2

All other purchases: 100 points or $1

On dining and travel: 200 points or $2

On all other purchases: 100 points or $1

How much would you need to spend on the card to make up for the fees (excluding APR/rates)?


$9,500 in everyday spending

Besides the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa, here are three other competitive credit cards to consider

Flexible rotating bonus categories. The Chase Freedom Visa offers bonus rewards in rotating categories at no cost of an annual fee — and your points never expire.

Spend at no additional cost. During the first 14 months of opening your Discover it card account, cardholders will pay no introductory APR while earning points on all purchases.

High cash-back on groceries and gas. The Blue Cash Everyday card from American Express charges no annual fee and offers 3% back on groceries and 2% on gas. You'll earn 1% on all other purchases.

The Question Everyone Is Asking Now

"How can I earn the streaming service credit?"

The Uber Visa has a perk for its card that rewards you $50 in credit when you spend $5,000 or more on the card.

Cardholders can use this credit to pay for online streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Red, Hulu, Netflix, and more.

On Demand Video Subscribers in 2017

It's like a gift on your anniversary. After you spend $5,000 on your Uber Visa in a calendar year, your account will be reviewed.

Within 5 business days, $50 worth of statement credit will be applied to your account.

You must pay your subscriptions on the card. In order to receive statement credit, you must pay for your services using your Uber Visa.

Services include more than just streaming. Shopping memberships like Amazon Prime and Shoprunner are included in the list of the eligible services that you can apply your credit toward.

Other services that qualify:

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Google Music
  • Sirius XM
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • DirecTV NOW

The Strengths

The Uber Visa is strong because of its bonuses

Although it's Uber's first dip into the credit card world, the Uber Visa boasts many strengths as a rewards credit card andit's ease of use.

Relax with no annual fee. The Uber Visa offers generous rewards for no annual fee.

Spend more with no upper limit on credit lines. The Uber Visa doesn't have an upper limit on credit lines, so the better your credit -history and -worthiness the higher your limit can grow over the life of your card.

No phone worries with add-on insurance. No more crying over a wet or cracked phone if you buy your monthly cellular phone service using the Uber Visa.

No restrictions on points. Use your Uber Visa and accumulate unlimited points that don't expire.

Easily redeem points for rides. From the app itself, you can redeem points for Uber rides while en route to your location.

While many other credit cards require cardholders to download a banking app or log-in to an online portal to redeem points, the Uber Visa has fully integrated its rewards points tracking and redemption into its Uber app.

High rewards–as in 4% back on all dining spend–for being a foodie. If you spend most of your nights out with friends, prefer to have someone else cook for you, or just enjoy time at your local bar, the Uber Visa rewards the highest out there on dining (4% back!).

Stick a "free" $100 in your pocket. Sure, you gotta spend $500 within three months on the card, but by doing so, you'll get $100 back.

Most cards come with hefty annual fees and a big spend requirement to get anything like that.

Get paid to shop online! You'll get 2% back on any purchases spent for online shopping at these locations (and any more that Uber gods say qualify):

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Macy's
  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • Pandora
  • HBO Now
  • Apple Music
  • Instacart
  • Shyp
  • Angie's List
  • Handy
  • Thumbtack
  • FlyCleaners
  • TaskRabbit
  • iTunes and Google Play

Get $50 towards an online subscription for spending $5,000 in one year. Meet this requirement and Uber will fork over $50 to you to buy a Spotify, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service subscription.

Millennials rejoice!

Which Generation Wants Strong Loyalty or Discount Programs? (2017)

Earn rewards points on all spending. If you spend money, then you might as well get more bang for your buck and find a credit card that will reward your spending.

Each dollar you spend on the Uber Visa credit card earns you 1-4% back.

While these rewards are most beneficial for avid Uber riders and UberEats enthusiasts, there are other rewards programs that cater to specific spending habits (like travel, hotels, and online shopping ).

Feel like taking a look at the card now?

We do!

The Weaknesses

The Uber Visa is weak because it's hard to redeem rewards

It should be noted that the Uber Visa card is a rewards credit card.

Although rewards can be earned by traveling, shopping and dining—you can't redeem points for, say, a trip to Turks and Caicos.

Restricted rewards redemption platform. Many other credit card companies partner with a rewards redemption platform that gives added value to your points through partnerships with the card issuer.

The Uber Visa does not currently have partners or any platform to redeem points.

This means that points earned for every dollar cannot be redeemed or transferred to any airline, travel, or hotel partners.

Cardholders are limited when redeeming points. Any reward points can only be redeemed for Uber credits (free or discounted rides), cash-back for statement credit, or gift cards.

Not the best for Uber ride rewards. The Uber Visa credit card earns users rewards using the ride-hailing app but ironically is not the leading card for rewards on Uber rides.

How Americans Choose Rewards Credit Cards (2017)

Amex Platinum rewards members receive an Uber credit each month as a membership perk.

No introductory APR period. Many rewards cards offer introductory APR periods where cardholders can swipe at no additional cost to them.

Unfortunately, the Uber Visa doesn't offer this, so you're subject to interest on purchases right off the bat.

You might not use Uber. Not everyone uses Uber. Some cities have banned Uber altogether and some people prefer its competitor, Lyft.

While the companies compete directly, some consumers prefer Lyft because it promotes "a mission of vision of community and friendliness," while Uber seems to value business, according to Ridester, a website for all-things ride-sharing.

Of course, not everyone is supporting businesses based on ethics, and many users use both platforms interchangeably based on availability and price.

If you're not using Uber, then you're probably not apt to apply for its credit card.

Who It's Made For

It's made for Uber-lovers and those that like to eat out

The Uber Visa card is stacked full of benefits and rewards for the spending habits of a Millennial.

If you use transportation apps, consider Uber. Most of us have used Uber at least once and the convenience it offers is bar none.

You don't have to worry about parking (saving money in big cities), can enjoy libations safely, and don't have to worry about traffic headaches.

Uber's credit card rewards every dollar you spend and every dollar equates to one point.

Some rides cost as little as $3 and can cost you as little as 300 points. (That's $30 in spending on your Uber Visa).

It's easy to redeem points for rides, and if you prefer to hail an Uber rather than drive yourself, consider the Uber Visa to save some money on your daily commutes.

You frequently dine out. Not only do you use Uber to get to and from work and events, but you also can use Uber to go eat and drink.

The Uber Visa rewards spending on dining out at bars, restaurants, UberEats, delivery, and takeout.

The Uber Visa rewards convenience with its dining bonus reward points.

You are a frequent online shopper. The Uber Visa not only rewards traditional online purchases, like everything you buy on Amazon Prime.

It also rewards double-back for video and music streaming services, app store purchases, and more.

This gives you more purchase power to conveniently shop on your smart-phone or your laptop.

The Card and the Company's History

Uber's innovation created a global tech company

Uber is a global transportation company that has increased in worldwide popularity since its launch in 2011.

Uber allows users to hail rides from their smart-phone and pay their driver directly in-app, making the process seamless and efficient compared to traditional taxi services.

Scandal upon scandal has taken its toll. Uber has been in the news the past few years for scandals aplenty.

This has caused some users to quit using the platform due to what some users consider unethical behavior by its former CEO, rider safety, and more.

But since its CEO resigned, "nearly 30% of customers who quit the ride-hailing service in recent months said that the removal [of CEO] would make them most likely use Uber once again," according to Fortune magazine.

Uber Satisfaction (June 2017)

How the Card Works for You

Unique benefits catered to millennials

A sign-up bonus that is easy to get. Uber Visa's sign-up bonus won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Cardholders can earn $100 (or 10,000 points) back for spending $500 in the first 90 days of opening their account.

The bonus can be redeemed for Uber credit, statement credit, or gift cards.

Cell phone protection is included. Cardholders that pay their monthly phone bill on their Uber Visa card qualify for $600 worth of phone insurance.

This insurance covers damage and theft.

Free streaming credit. Uber Visa offers users $50 of free streaming credit after spending $5,000 a year on their credit card (under $100 a week).

Rewards for entertainment at no additional cost

Leading rewards on dining. The Uber Visa card lets cardholders earn 4% back on dining, takeout, delivery (UberEats), and at bars.

Earn triple points while you travel. Use your Uber Visa while you travel and earn 3% back on airfare, lodging (hotels and Airbnb), and travel agencies.

Online purchases earn you double. Earn extra for the convenience of online shopping. Online purchases, including charges on Uber rides, earn you 2% back.

Rewards include purchases on video and music streaming, app stores, and more.

Earn on all other spending, too. Anytime you swipe your card that doesn't fit into the spending categories above, you will earn you rewards points valued at 1% of your total purchase.

Competitive APR based on your creditworthiness

You don't need perfect credit to reap the benefits of this credit card, but you will need good credit to qualify for a competitive APR.

The card offers rates that compete with other leading rewards cards.

APR depending on credit history. APR is offered at three tiers — 15.99%, 21.74%, 24.74% — depending on your creditworthiness.

Middle-of-the-pack balance transfer fees. The Uber Visa accepts balance transfers that qualify at an APR of 15.99-24.74%. A balance transfer will cost you $10 or 3% (whichever is greater).

Competitive cash advances. Cash advances compete with other rewards cards with an APR of 25.99% and a fee of $10 or 3% (whichever is greater).

Fees, what fees?

Free from an annual fee. The Uber Visa credit card has no annual fee.

Earn rewards, not fees abroad. The Uber Visa is free of foreign transaction fees, so while you are earning bonus rewards at an AirBnb in Europe, you don't have to worry about pesky transaction fees.

A card with these type of rewards typically has annual fees associated with it, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card with an annual fee of $450!

Late payments will cost you. Any late or returned payment will cost cardholders up to $37 and hurt your credit score.

What People Love About It

People love the Uber Visa because of its convenience

From the application process to tracking your account, the Uber Visa credit card's strength is its convenience.

In a world where time is money, the Uber Visa really promotes convenience at the tip of your fingers.

Easy and quick application. You can apply for the credit card directly in the Uber App.

Instant use after approved. The moment you're approved (in as little as a few minutes) you're account is linked to your Uber Visa and you can start earning rewards for Uber rides and UberEats immediately—without needing your physical card handy.

The Uber Visa adds value to the Uber app. This card allows for seamless use, promoting even more convenience for its users.

Track and redeem points with the tap of a finger.

Order Chinese takeout and pay for it directly in your Uber app.

Split fares with your buddy and earn points in-app while easily using your Uber Visa for payment or points you've accumulated.

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Biggest Consumer Complaints

The Uber Visa is new and redeeming rewards is super limited

The Uber Visa launched in November 2017 so at the time of this review, there were no consumer complaints noted.

That said, while the card offers high rewards, unique benefits that cater to millennials, and unlimited points, there are some weaknesses that could create big consumer complaints down the road.

Again, no introductory period. Other reward credit cards often offer a 0% APR introductory period.

This can be a huge help when making big purchases that you want to pay off in a certain amount of time, but not at a big additional cost with interest.

If you're looking to make a big purchase right off the bat, know that with the Uber Visa—it's going to cost you.

That point redemption system isn't too strong. Rewards cards, like the competitive Chase Sapphire Preferred, come with a rewards redemption platform.

These types of redemption services allow for added value to your points and the ability for cardholders to cash-in on trips, hotels, events, and more.

The Uber Visa is limited to Uber credits, cash-back, and gift cards.

Key Digital Services

The Uber app allows for real-time tracking, redemption, and monitoring of rewards and spending

Normally, credit card companies have basic account management tools in a unique and separate app and website tied to a specific card.

In this case, the credit card issuer, Barclaycard and Uber already had a very popular app.

They just built the credit card account and rewards point management system into the existing Uber app.

No need to download another app. With the tap of a finger, users can see their spending, track rewards, and redeem them directly in the Uber app.

Instant ride redemption. Within the app itself, you can access and transfer points directly to your ride credits.

If you're in a car and heading to a movie or work, you can transfer a specific amount of points to Uber credits and pay for your ride while you're en route.


  • How do I sign up for the card?

    Sign up for the card directly in the app (Google Play, App Store) or online. Once approved (in minutes), you can use your Uber Visa for in-app purchases on UberEATS and rides.

    For questions about your application go to or call 866-823-7543.

  • How do I close my account?

    Call the number on the back of your card, or speak with Barclaycard customer service by calling 888-232-0780.

  • What can I use my Uber Visa for?

    On any purchase, both in the US and internationally where Visa is accepted.

  • Where and what stores can I use my Uber Visa?

    Both in the US and internationally where Visa is accepted.

  • How can I check my credit card balance?

    Online at your Barclaycard account or within the Uber app.

  • Can I get a cash advance and are there any related fees?

    Yes. APR for cash advances is 25.99% and a fee of $10 or 3% (whichever is greater) is assessed.

  • How do I contact Uber Visa card services or report the card stolen?

    Report it lost/stolen in your online banking profile or call 888-232-0780

  • What credit score do I need to get approval for the card?

    Your chance of being accepted is increased if you have good or excellent credit. There is no way to see if you prequalify at this time.

  • Will my credit score drop if my account gets closed?

    If your account gets closed because of delinquent payments, yes. If you close your account it might decrease your lines of credit significantly and lower your score.

  • Which credit bureaus does Uber Visa report to?


  • Can I build my credit with the Uber Visa?


  • Is there an expiry date on the card?


  • Does accessing my FICO score through Uber Visa Card affect my credit score?

    No impact will be made to your credit score.

  • How does my FICO score change with an Uber Visa card?

    Information is updated from TransUnion every 10 weeks or when substantial changes to your credit file (new account openings, balance changes, hard inquiries) take effect.

  • How do I redeem points for Uber credits?

    Download the Uber app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    Add your Uber Visa Card to the Uber app.

    Within the app, tap the Barclaycard mobile app menu and select the number of points you'd like to redeem for Uber credits instantly (in some cases can take up to 24 hours).

  • Where can I see the credits I've redeemed?

    Tap on the menu icon in the Uber app and then Payment. Credits are displayed under the Credits section.

  • How do Uber credits work?

    They can be redeemed in the U.S. They cannot be combined with other Uber promotions, or used when paying for a business profile or family profile.

  • Can points be transferred or gifted to others?


  • Can both the primary and authorized card users redeem points for Uber credits?

    No. Only the primary account holder can redeem points for Uber credits in-app.

  • Can redemptions be changed or reversed?

    No. All redemptions are final.

  • Is there a limit to the number of Uber credits I can redeem?

    Yes, a limit of $500 daily for Uber credits.

  • Is there a minimum number of points I need to redeem?

    Yes. Redemptions start at 500 points for $5 of Uber credit. All other redemptions start at 2,500 for $25.

  • How do I add authorized users?

    You can add authorized users through the Barclaycard mobile app or by calling 866-823-7543.

  • Do I still have to make my monthly payment if I redeem for a cash back statement credit?

    Yes, a statement credit does not count as a payment. Make at least your minimum monthly payment.

  • How long will it take to receive gift cards redeemed on

    Up to 10 business days from the order date.

  • What are the eligible online subscription services after spending $5,000 in a year for the $50 credit?

    Apple music, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music, SiriusXM, Audible, Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, DirecTV NOW, Amazon Prime, Shoprunner.

  • Do purchases made by authorized users count toward the $5,000 spend?

    Yes. Net purchases from all authorized users will count toward the primary cardholder's spending total.

  • Is there a way to track if I'm close to the $5,000 annual spend?

    Yes. Log into your account to view your progress toward annual rewards.

You won't find many rewards credit cards that can compete with the rewards on all spending for no annual fee.

If you're looking for a strong rewards card that earns you up to 4% back on purchases, then the Uber Visa could be the card you're looking for.

It's a strong contender for consumers that frequent the ride-hailing platform because its rewards are best used for free and discounted rides.

It's easy to use and monitor on its platform and offers many perks for making the Uber Visa your everyday card.

But if you're not an Uber fan, don't spend your money in its bonus categories, and prefer points that can be applied to other areas of spending—the Uber Visa card is not the card for you.

Have you applied for the Uber Visa? Let us know if you've reaped the benefits of this newly released card.

Do you have another co-branded rewards card that you prefer and think everyone needs in their wallet?

Let us know in the comments below.

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