Lane Bryant Credit Card Review

The Lane Bryant credit card is a good choice for earning cash rewards toward shopping at the plus-size fashion retailer. Check out this in-depth review to learn how the card works and stacks up against the competition.

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The Verdict

If you're a frequent shopper of plus-size fashion who wants to earn cash rewards to support your Lane Bryant shopping habit, then this retail store card can be a good addition to your wallet.

The Lane Bryant credit card is offered through Comenity Bank and the terms and conditions are typical of what you'd expect for a store card (i.e., a super high APR of 26.99%).

In other words, it's not ideal for anyone who doesn't routinely pay their balances in full each month.

However, if the bulk of your closet has Lane Bryant labels on it, the savings and cardholder benefits could be worthwhile.

Truth be told, if you have stellar credit, you're probably better served by choosing a non-store branded cash-back card that can offer a lower APR and better earnings and redemption options.

But, if you're a Lane Bryant loyalist who's trying to build up your credit, this card can help you do just that and save you a few bucks at your favorite clothing store.

The Competition

The Lane Bryant card competes with other fashion retail store cards like Torrid.

Although any women's clothing brand with a credit card offer could be considered a direct competitor of the Lane Bryant card, Torrid is another major plus-size retailer that is making waves in the market right now.

Generally speaking, Lane Bryant's rewards program isn't all that unique when compared to other store cards in that it offers the basic 5% back on in-store rewards purchases, paired with an extremely high-interest rate.

Still, it's worth seeing how it stacks up against Torrid.

How Lane Bryant Rewards tops Torrid's

Lane Bryant Torrid
How high of credit score do you need? >600 >600
Annual fee $0 $0
Average APR 27.99% 25.99%
How big of sign-up bonus do you get? $20 off first purchase

15% off first purchase

$20 welcome offer

How much do you need to spend to get the bonus?

$200 (400 points) to earn a $10 Rewards Cheque

Those earnings increase to $15 and $20 respectively if you reach Premier and Platinum levels

$200 to receive a $10 reward

If you spend $1,000, you reach Platinum status, but the reward structure remains the same

How many points do you get for every dollar?

2 points at Lane Bryant and Cacique

1 point when shopping at Catherines (a plus-size retailer owned by the same parent company)

1 point at Torrid

1.5 points if you reach Platinum status

Any restrictions? Only for purchases at Lane Bryant and Catherines stores Only for purchases at Torrid (it cannot be used at sister store, Hot Topic)
If you spent $100, how much will points translate to in real dollars?

$5 for regular card holders

$7.50 for Premier

$10 for Platinum


The Question Everyone Is Asking

Can I use the Lane Bryant card anywhere else?

This is a store card, which means it only can be used at Lane Bryant affiliated locations.

These include: Lane Bryant, Lane Bryant Outlet,, Cacique (the intimate apparel line of the company), Catherines and (another plus-size retailer).

The Strengths

The Lane Bryant card is strong because you can double your rewards value with higher spend

The Lane Bryant card is all about rewarding loyalty, which is why the better rewards go to top shoppers.

The basic package. Cardholders start out as "Lane Preferred" customers.

Perks include free ground shipping on online purchases over $100 and a $10 reward for every 400 points earned.

A higher rewards ROI at level two. If you spend more than $400 in one year, you will be upgraded to "Lane Premier" status.

You'll then get a $15 reward for 400 points earned and free shipping on all online purchases over $75.

Free shipping rocks. If you spend over $800, you'll reach the Platinum tier.

Now, for 400 points, you'll get a $20 reward (that's like 10% cash back) and all of your online purchases come with free shipping (score!).

You'll also earn double points on Cacique Bra purchases.

women have purchased plus-sized clothing more

A little flexibility. In addition to the two points per dollar you can earn with Lane Bryant and Cacique purchases, you can also earn one point for purchases at Catherines and

This gives cardholders another plus-size fashion option, whereas most retail cards can only be used at one store.

The Weaknesses

Lane Bryant rewards do have limits so you'll want to pay attention to the fine print.

"The amount of rewards you can earn are capped in each tier," explains finance writer Debbie Dragon on

Rewards are capped. You can earn up to $40 in rewards per month at Preferred level, $60 as a Premier user, and $80 in the Platinum tier.

In other words, if you spend more than $800 in a given month, you stop benefiting.

Since that's a fairly high amount, it's not likely to affect the majority of shoppers who might not have that high of a credit limit to begin with.

Checks expire. Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date on any Lane Bryant Rewards check you receive.

Not all store locations will honor a reward once its valid date has passed.

payment methods

Carrying a balance will wipe out your earnings. With a sky-high APR, even one month of a revolving balance can cost more in interest charges than the Rewards Cheque you're seeking.

Who It's Made For

Frequent shoppers at the Lane Bryant family of stores will benefit the most from this card, "especially those who spend enough to reach Platinum level," says

If you think that applies to you, here are some other questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you do a lot of shopping in Lane Bryant stores? Put another way, do you wear their styles most of the time?
  • Will you be able to pay your balance in full each month to avoid interest charges?
  • Is your credit score above 600? The Lane Bryant credit card is typically issued to those who have a FICO score of at least 600.

If you've answered yes to the questions above, the Lane Bryant card could be the perfect fit for you.

The Card and the Company's History

Lane Bryant was founded in 1904 by a young widow, Lena Himmelstein Bryant, who worked as a seamstress in New York City to support herself and her young son.

Her talents in wedding fashions helped her earn enough to open a small shop.

Business really boomed when she recognized an untapped market and began a mail-order maternity clothing line; in the early 20th century this type of clothing simply didn't exist.

A few years later, Bryant was remarried and she and her business-partner husband, Albert Malsin, found their calling—to design clothing for "stout" women (as they were insensitively referred to in that era).

The company became a pioneer in niche marketing and their unique approach toward employee benefits, offering perks like profit sharing, pension, and disability, long before it was the norm.

Today, Lane Bryant is the most well-known plus-sized retailer, focusing on fit and fashion, rather than size.

The Lane Bryant card will work best in the United States

Lane Bryant has more than 700 retail locations nationwide.

How the Card Works

Here's how the Lane Bryant card works

The Lane Bryant store card gives its cardholders what you'd expect from most store cards.

Here are some of the things worth noting:


A nice way to start. Lane Bryant offers those approved for the card $20 off their first purchase.

It's nice to have a dollar amount rather than a percentage off if you aren't making a large purchase when you apply.

For instance, many stores offer 15% off the first purchase so you'd have to spend around $135 to save $20.

An extended return policy. Cardholders have the ability to return items 60 days after purchase with a receipt; non-cardholders only get 45 days.

Gift and exclusives. Lane Bryant cardholders receive a birthday gift discount up to $20 as well as exclusive offers and promotions (like being able to earn and bank extra points) that regular shoppers can't access.

most popular color choices for plus-size clothing


Hey, big spender: Lane Bryant has your back!

Aim to upgrade. As mentioned, rising through the ranks into Premier and Platinum levels means higher rewards and more attractive shipping discounts.

Look for bonuses. Each month, cardholders can earn bonus points on certain types of purchases.

It could help you get those Reward check more quickly.

Shop at Catherines for additional earnings. Can't find a top you like at Lane Bryant this month?

Check out its sister store, Catherines, and earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.

And, of course, don't forget Cacique for hard-to-find sizes in lingerie, intimates, and sleepwear.

Interest rates and APR

Don't get stuck paying interest. The 27.99% APR is slightly higher than other store cards.

The card comes with a 25-day grace period, however, so those who pay off the card in full each month can avoid steep interest costs.


It's free to use. Unlike some rewards cards, Lane Bryant does not have an annual fee.

Don't be late. If you miss a payment, you'll be charged a $27 late fee.

Do it again and the fee climbs to $38.

Be careful with payments. You don't want to be hit with a $38 returned payment fee if your check bounces.

What People Love About It

People love this card because they love Lane Bryant fashions

Although the Lane Bryant card doesn't necessarily have game-changing benefits, regular shoppers of the brand who are looking to build their credit and earn some cash back to fuel their wardrobe budget love this card.

Work your way up. Because the card doesn't have stringent qualifications even those with borderline credit histories can get approved, albeit with a small credit limit to start.

Brittany on CreditCardForum says she's grown with this card.

"I started off with a $150 credit line, which was perfect as I was trying to build credit. I paid on time for a year, and they raised my limit to $650!"

They offer the "loyal treatment." So says the card's tagline, and it's true.

Biggest Consumer Complaints

The biggest consumer complaints about the Lane Bryant card are its expired rewards. It takes time and significant spending to be awarded Rewards check, making it disappointing when Lane Bryant shoppers realize they've missed the window to use them.

Having a deadline stinks. Many customers have said that, while the perks are amazing, having a deadline to use their rewards is a definite downfall.

Customer service is a mixed bag. While some cardholders point out that they've had success getting a store associate to honor a recently expired Rewards Cheque, others, like Consumer Affairs complaint filer Rhonda of San Antonio, TX, haven't been as lucky.

I received a reward check in the mail that had to be used by end of February. I forgot about it and called to ask if it could be reissued. They said not a problem, but it would take about 60 days. As of June, I never received anything. I called and was transferred to three different departments. Finally, the last person told me that there is nothing they could do.

Rhonda— San Antonio, TX

Key Digital Services

The Lane Bryant card's app is a work in progress.

While the credit card's website allows you to manage your account quite well, Lane Rewards mobile app users on both iTunes and GooglePlay report functionality problems, especially with the most recent update.

In a one-star review, Becca Bishop says,

I think it's time to admit the new update was bad and get something new going! I'm a platinum cardholder, and I've barely visited since the new update.

When working properly, the app is supposed to allow users to access their account details and rewards, shop via their phone, and even use it in stores as a mobile card in lieu of the plastic card.

online sales by device

How to Sign Up

Visit the store in person or go online if you want the Lane Bryant card.

In order to take advantage of the $20 first purchase reward, you should apply when you're ready to check out in person.

Or, you can apply via the online application form, and utilize your savings on the site.

How to Close Your Account

If you wish to close your account or pay off any remaining balance then call customer care at 1-800-888-4163.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Lane Bryant card:

  • How can I check my Lane Bryant credit card balance?

    You can log on to the app or website 24/7, or call the customer service number on the back of your card.

  • Can I withdraw money from Lane Bryant credit card?


  • Can I get a cash advance and are there any related fees?


  • Can I pay for my Lane Bryant credit card with a gift, a different credit card? Or PayPal?

    No. You must enter a checking account number for online payments or write out a check if mailing.

  • Can I use my Lane Bryant credit card without the card?

    Yes. You can set up your Mobile Card using the Lane Bryant app. In some cases, store associates can also look up your account using your identification if you forgot your card.

  • What are the minimum payments?

    The minimum payment won't be less than $27. If your account balance is less than $27.00, you must pay the full amount.

  • Can I add an authorized user to Lane Bryant credit card?

    Yes. You may have up to four authorized buyers on your account.

  • How to contact Lane Bryant credit card services?

    Call 1-800-888-4163, or log-on to your account to access the secure message center for an online chat.

  • How to report stolen Lane Bryant credit card?

    Write to PO Box 182273, Columbus, OH 43218-2273, or call 1-800-888-4163.

  • Where and how can I make my payments?

    Any online payments submitted prior to 8 pm EDT can be credited to your account on the same day. You can also pay your Lane Bryant Credit Card bill at any Lane Bryant store location. Lastly, you can make expedited payments over the phone, however, there is a fee for that service (up to $15).

  • Can I use my card online? Will I be charged for shipping if I use my card online?

    Yes. Shipping charges apply (unless you're a Platinum level cardholder, for which all shipping is free).

  • What credit score do I have to maintain so my account is not closed?

    Keeping your Lane Bryant credit card account active and in good standing should be enough to keep your account open. However, the terms and conditions state that Comenity reserves the right to close your account at any time (as is standard in most card fine print).

  • Will my credit score drop when my account gets closed?

    Your credit score can drop whenever there is a change in your total amount of available credit. If your Lane Bryant credit card account is closed because you didn't pay your bill, however, that negative payment activity will have a much greater impact on your credit score.

  • Does Lane Bryant credit card report to credit bureaus?


  • Can I build my credit with the Lane Bryant credit card?

    Anytime you use and make timely payments on a credit card, that activity becomes part of your credit history.

  • Is there a credit insurance program?

    Purchasing credit insurance is optional. If you do choose to carry credit insurance coverage, the premium charge will be added to your Account as a purchase on the last day of each billing period. You can cancel your coverage at any time.

  • Is it hard to get a Lane Bryant's credit card?

    No, it's not, but don't expect a high credit limit to start off with.

  • How long does it take to receive the card once I have been approved for it?

    The physical Lane Bryant credit card will be sent in the mail, usually within 7-10 business days. But if you apply online or in-store and are approved, you can begin using the account right away.

  • What can you use Lane Bryant points for?

    For Lane Bryant purchases in-store and online.

  • What is the Catherine's card?

    While you can shop at Catherines using your Lane Bryant card, the retailer also has its own card program that is exclusively for their merchandise.

A worthy wallet addition for Lane Bryant loyalists

In conclusion, if Lane Bryant's plus-sized fashion is totally your style, this card is a great fit.

Put those rewards to good use. Those $10 Rewards check are the perfect excuse to add some fun accessories to your shopping bag, guilt-free!

Go big on bonuses.Who doesn't love birthday gifts and feeling like they're part of an exclusive club? Lane Bryant is all about offering both.

Test the credit waters. Whether you're a younger shopper new to the credit world or have had a few money missteps in the past, the Lane Bryant card may be your chance to practice good credit behavior and get rewarded for it!

If you're not the biggest Lane Bryant fan, it pays to shop around for a card that's more suitable for your clothing (and spending) style.

Do you use the Lane Bryant credit card?

How has the card worked out for you?

Any great tips (or nightmares) to share with the rest of us?

Let us know in the comments below.

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