GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card Review

The GameStop PowerUp Rewards credit card—is it game on or game over for your wallet? This article will help you decide whether to level up.

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The Verdict

Get better perks with the store membership program than with the GameStop credit card

Oh, the siren song of electronic store-branded credit cards.

Picture it: you've got that new game you've been coveting in your hands.

You wait in line to pay for it.

All you want to do is pay for it and get home to try it out.

But then the sales associate tries to woo you with an application for the GameStop credit card.

And it sure is tempting.

Here's why.

You'll get a bonus. You'll get anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 points when you sign up for this card, depending on your PowerUp member level.

Those points can equal up to $15 towards your next game purchase.

You'll enjoy special financing, if you qualify.Was there another game or device you had your eye on?

Go back and get it—if you're eligible, you'll get more time to pay it off, depending on your creditworthiness.

Consumer Spending on Gaming

You won't pay an annual fee. It doesn't cost you anything to keep the card, so why not apply for it, right?

Well, we'd recommend you think twice.

If you carefully pay off your credit card every month and are prepared to spend thousands on video games, then this card could be worthwhile,.

But given all the great cash back cards out there, it'd be better to spring for a GameStop PowerUp rewards membership and get the Amazon Prime Card instead.

You'll pay an annual fee, but the GameStop Pro and Elite Membership packages offer better bang for their buck than the card

The membership packages beat the credit card because you'll…

Earn points faster without the card. Pick your level of play with the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program.

Yes, you'll pay a fee per year to remain active, but the coupons you get will pay it back and then some.

Combine credit card rewards with program rewards to power up. Of course, if you're just dying to have this card in your wallet, get the card and the PowerUp membership to accumulate points faster.

Still, you'd have to spend approx. $2,000 each year to get about $60 worth of credit from GameStop.

If you did carry a balance, the interest fees would eat up this credit quickly.

Why You Might Consider This Card

Increase your credit score and your game library with the GameStop card

GameStop is a one-stop shop for both casual and serious gamers.

The gaming Mecca grew out of Babbage's, a computer store that opened in Dallas in 1984 and started selling Nintendo games three years later.

In 1999, Barnes and Noble acquired Babbage's.

It also bought Funco, which it renamed GameStop.

Sounds like video game nirvana, right?

Leading Gaming Markets Worldwide (2017)

Like many other companies that value its loyal customers, GameStop introduced a credit card issued by Comenity Capital Bank.

If you're thinking of getting this card, consider the following:

  • Do you purchase a new video game or device once a month?
  • Are you looking to build or improve your credit?
  • Are you able to pay off your balance every month or at least keep it very low?

If you answered yes to these questions, then the GameStop card could be worth it for your wallet.

Why People Love This Card

Treat yourself to more games, add-ons, and accessories

If you shop at GameStop stores and online enough, why not get a little something back?

Power up with a sign-up bonus. You'll get 5,000 bonus points when you sign-up —enough for a $5 credit.

Unlock more points as a PowerUp Rewards Pro Member. The smaller bonus is for Basic Members, but if you're a Pro Member, you'll get 15,000 points.

Get exclusive offers. Cardmembers will hear about new products and sales before anybody else.

Biggest Consumer Complaints

Don't get too excited about the bonus points

We'd love to tell you that the bonus program is epic, but it just isn't the case.

While you do get what seems like a whopping 20 points per dollar spent, those points simply don't add up to a lot.

Spend $250 to activate your bonus. You'll reach 5,000 points, which gets you a $5 reward toward a future purchase.

That's a high bar to clear just to get $5 back.

The interest rate or APR can't be ignored

The GameStop credit card has one of the highest APRs we've ever seen—27.99%!

We're not going to judge you for spending a ton on games, but we will do so if you also spend a ton on interest.

A low interest rate would be approx. 18%.

Are you prepared to possibly pay 28%?

You could, but we recommend that you explore other cards, such as electronics store ones, that offer more for less.

The Competition

The GameStop credit card competes with the Amazon Prime store card

Don't forget that there are other places that sell video games.

One such place also happens to sell everything else, too.

That's right—we're talking about Amazon.

Top Selling Video Gaming Categories on

Amazon does have a Visa card that can be used outside of

But for the purposes of this review, we are talking about the Amazon Prime Card, which can only be used on the Amazon website.

But that's not a negative thing by any stretch of the imagination.

Take a look at what you can get.

$40 gift card upon approval. This alone makes this card better than the GameStop card.

What free game will you choose?

5% back on all purchases. Not only can you use this card to buy other things on Amazon than games, but you can also earn statement credit on them.

(Note: This perk is reserved for members of Amazon Prime.)

Get special financing options. Place an order that's $149 or more and you'll get to pay it off within 6, 12, or 24 months, depending on your creditworthiness.

Skip the interest completely. You can do this by paying off your card each month, of course, but you can also submit equal monthly payments for select purchases.

Pay the amount on time, every time, and you'll get 0% interest.

Avoid the annual fee. For a card that gives you a lot, it's nice to hear that it doesn't want an annual fee.

(But pay that monthly minimum payment, or else you'll get socked with a late fee.)

How GameStop compares to its top competitor

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card Amazon Prime Store Card
How high of credit score do you need? >640 >640
Average APR? 27.99% 26.99%
Annual fee? None for the card, but $14.99 for Pro membership and $29.99 for Elite membership None
How big of sign-up bonus do you get? 15,000 points for PowerUp Pro Members 5,000 for Basic Members $40 gift card upon approval
How much do you need to spend to get the bonus? A single purchase Gift card upon card approval $149+ for special financing
How many points do you get for every dollar? 5,000 points for every $250 spent = 20 points per dollar 5
Any restrictions? N/A If you take advantage of special financing, you cannot get 5% back
If you spent $100 on the card, then how much would the points be worth in dollars? .02 cents .05 cents
How much would you need to spend on the card to make up for the fees (excluding APR/rates)? NA NA

Here are three other gaming credit cards to consider

Gamers gotta game, so here are a few other stores and cards for you.

The Question Everyone's Asking Now

"Is it worth it to get the GameStop card and pay it off each month?"

Perhaps. We see a few things that are advantageous about having this card:

Be in the know about the newest games. If you're the type of gamer who likes to be in the know about new games and devices well before the rest, GameStop promises "exclusive cardmember offers" that could boost your experience points.

Number of U.S. Mobile Gamers

Be budget-friendly with your gaming. Your hobby has a way of adding up.

Since you won't likely get a huge credit line with this store credit card, you can keep your game budget to a reasonable level.

Just make sure to pay off that balance each month to avoid interest.

Save your points for a bigger payday. So, $5 credits won't make a dent in some of the prices for today's top video games.

But if you save up those credits, you might just have enough to give yourself a nice holiday or birthday present each year.

How the Card Works

Spend more to get more with your GameStop card

Your GameStop credit card works like any other store-branded credit card.

Earn points toward coupons. You'll get 20 points for every dollar you spend at GameStop and at

If the average game costs around $80, you'd need to spend $3,500 (including any sign-up bonus) to get one for free.

Skip the annual fee. It's free, so you could keep this card in your wallet and only use it from time to time.

Pay in full and dodge a super high APR. The 27.99% GameStop charges for interest is up there with some of the highest rates in the market.

Please—pay off your balance every month!


What credit score do I need for the GameStop PowerUp Card?

Cardholders with fair credit (630-689) will likely be able to get this card.

Can I use this card anywhere else?

No. This is a store-branded card that can only be used at a GameStop store or online at

Is there an annual fee?

There's no fee for this card, but there are fees for certain levels of the GameStop PowerUp rewards program.

It's free to be a Player, where you'll earn 10 points per every dollar spent.

Pay $14.99 each year to be a Pro and earn 20 points per dollar. Or, pay $29.99 for an annual Pro Elite membership and earn 30 points per dollar.

What happens if I miss a payment?

The enemy from your video game will jump out from the screen and fight you for real.

Just kidding.

But you will get charged a late fee up to $38, and it could cause a major ding on your credit report.

Neither is worth it, so make sure you pay on time.

How do I apply for the GameStop card?

You can apply in-store at the point of purchase, or you can go online and get a decision in seconds.

How do I cancel?

Game over? Call Comenity Capital Bank at 855-497-8168 and request that your account be closed.

You'll want to pay off your balance first as well as use up any accumulated points.

How do I speak to a human?

Call the customer service number on the back of your card.

Skip the card and get a GameStop membership instead

At the end of the day, we know that nothing will get in the way of you and your gaming.

If you are interested in GameStop, then spring for its GameStop PowerUp rewards membership, not the card.

Do you use the GameStop PowerUp Rewards credit card to support your gaming obsession?

How has the card worked out for you?

Any great tips (or nightmares) to share with the rest of us?

Let us know in the comments below.

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