Cabela's Credit Card Review

So you love hunting and fishing. Wouldn’t it be great to get the gear you need for your next outdoor adventure just by making your regular purchases? Learn how Cabela’s Club Visa card can help you do exactly that!

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So you love the outdoors.

All week long, you look forward to having time off when you can strap on those hiking boots.

And who wouldn't?

Spending time outdoors is important, and it provides tons of great benefits.

It can calm your mind and help to relieve stress.

It's a great source of exercise.

It's the best way to get Vitamin D.

Those are just a few good reasons!

The problem is that getting out into nature can be expensive.

Coordinating time off work when all your friends or family can spend time together is hard enough.

Then there's the task of actually travelling out of the city/suburbs into your nature or countryside destination.

Worrying about financing the costs of your outdoor hobbies is one more obstacle that you don't need.

Fishing. Camping. Kayaking. Hunting. Cycling.

No matter what you're doing outdoors, the costs add up.

Pretty much any outdoor hobby is going to cost you at least a few hundred dollars to get the gear and clothing you need.

Thankfully, Cabela's offers their own credit card.

That means you can start earning points to fund your next outdoor adventure on all your regular purchases.

I'll show you how you can earn rewards to cover the expenses of your next camping or fishing trip.

But first, it's time to learn a bit more about Cabela's.Cabela's Revenue Has Been Increasing Worldwide from 2012-2018


A unique outdoor and sporting goods shopping experience

If you enjoy any outdoor pastime, you've probably heard of Cabela's.

But maybe you've never actually been in one of its stores.

Cabela's is one of America's largest sellers of sporting goods and outdoor recreation merchandise.

The company was founded in 1961 and became a public company in 2004.

It has one of the largest direct marketing operations in the US and its mail-order catalogs get shipped to 50 states and 120 different countries around the world.

Stepping inside of a Cabela's showroom is as much a trip to an educational center or museum as it is a shopping experience.

It's really something unique you need to experience.

When you enter a Cabela's store, you'll get greeted with an overwhelming feeling of the outdoors.

Most stores even feature a display of big game.

It can include everything from full-sized taxidermied mountain lions, deer, turkeys, and even bears.

Fish tanks filled with bass and a waterfall display feature are also pretty standard in larger stores.

There's even usually a seating area complete with a fireplace.

Cabela's Club card has been around since 1995 and was founded as a way to give back to the company's loyal customers.

In 2001, Cabela's formed a financial subsidiary called World's Foremost Bank.

Interesting fact: that name was actually an allusion to Cabela's famous catch-phrase, "World's Foremost Outfitter."

World's Foremost Bank was formed exclusively to issue Cabela's Club Visa card and to run all back-end merchant processing operations.

To date, more than two million Cabela's credit cards have been issued.

Cabela's has produced several television series and even several series of video games, such as Cabela's Big Game Hunter.

The Card

Learn all about the features that a Cabela's Club Visa offers

It comes as no surprise that Cabela's aims its Club Visa card at consumers who live an active outdoors lifestyle.

But if you're considering getting one, then you probably already in that category.

This card lets you earn points toward free outdoor gear and incredible experiences with every purchase you make.

The card doesn't restrict you to just within Cabela's stores.

So every gallon of milk or loaf of bread that you buy in the grocery store gets you a few steps closer to a new fishing rod or tree stand.

It's a great way to get all the cool outdoor stuff you want while paying for things you need.

1% points back. You can use your Cabela's Club Visa to earn points anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.

That means groceries, entertainment, restaurants, gasoline and more.

You get $1 to spend on awesome Cabela's gear for every $100 you spend on anything.

2% points back. Purchases in Cabela's stores earn you double the points.

Not only that, but Cabela's has also partnered with Cenex convenience stores to offer you 2% points back when you shop there as well.

That means when you buy yourself a new fishing rod, you might earn enough points to get yourself a free fishing lure or two as well.

No annual fee. Many store-branded cards charge you an annual fee just to have the card.

That isn't the case with Cabela's.

There's also no minimum amount that you're required to spend to keep your card active.

No expiry. Rewards programs with other stores often have a caveat that points expire too.

With Cabela's, there's no limit on how many points you can earn.

And your points never expire as long as your account is in good standing.

The only requirement is that you need at least one purchase on your card every 18 months to keep it active.

Special access. Having a Cabela's Club Visa gets you access to exclusive members-only events and offers.

That includes private fishing trips, guided hunts, and more.

Free gear. Use your points to shop Cabela's catalogs, online at, or in their retail stores.

Your club points are as good as cash and don't have any restrictions on how you can spend them in-store.

Will you spend about $1,500 per month on expenses through your Cabela's Visa card, along with the occasional in-store purchase?

If so, you can expect to earn $200 or more worth of free gear at Cabela's over the course of a year.Cabela's Worldwide Retail Revenue Versus Direct To Customer from 2014-2016

Free points. You'll get $20 worth of club points just for signing up once you're approved.

You can earn an additional $10 in free points after your first five purchases as well.

Loyalty gets rewarded. The more you spend with your Cabela's card, the more you earn.

You start off with their Visa Classic card which offers 2% points back on Cabela's purchases.

If you meet a $10,000 annual spend requirement, you get access to the Visa Silver card that gives you 3% points back on Cabela purchases.

And if you're able to spend $25,000 per year, you'll be eligible for their exclusive Visa Black card.

That will earn you a whopping 5% points back!

Convenient and secure. You can use your Cabela's Club Visa with Apple Pay.

It allows you to pay at participating merchants in just a tap. All while still earning club points.

Cabela's cards also feature chip technology for enhanced security and fraud protection. It's quickly becoming the new global standard in credit card security.

Low APR. If you have excellent credit, your Cabela's Club Visa could come with an APR as low as 10.24%.

That's awesome, especially for a store-issued credit card.

In fact, a lot of bank-issued cards aren't even that generous.

Even for those that don't have the greatest credit score, the card's highest APR seems to be 26.12%.

1% foreign transaction fee. You can expect most credit card companies to charge you a fee if you use your card outside of the US.

As someone interested in the great outdoors, you might be traveling internationally a lot.

Cabela's fee is well under the industry average at just 1%.

However, if paying this extra 1% is a big concern for you, there are plenty of credit cards on the market with 0% foreign transaction fees.


How to get a Cabela's Club Visa card

Applying for a Cabela's Club Visa is easy. You can apply in-store or online.

Their website features a form which is easy to fill out.

If you have any questions, you can call Cabela's for help at 1-888-402-7830.

You'll need to provide the basic stuff you'd expect for any credit card application:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Employment status
  • Annual income
  • Social Security Number
  • Security questions (i.e., mother's maiden name)

Once you've filled in all your information, I'd highly recommend you read the privacy notice and disclosure.

It contains important information you should know like fees, rates, and other information about the card.

Once you're approved, you'll receive your welcome packet and card in the mail.

This usually takes about ten business days.


The Cabela's Club Visa could be a great credit card option if you're passionate about the outdoors

I'll admit that I'm not exactly an outdoors guy. So that's the only reason this card is off the table for me, personally.

But for someone who loves to hunt, fish, hike, and live the outdoor lifestyle, I'd have to say this card might be the perfect one to keep.

This card has some great things going for it.

No annual fee is always great to have because you're not spending money just to have the privilege of having a credit card.

The potentially low APR makes this a great pick for your everyday credit card.

Especially if you already have excellent credit.

But the rewards are where this card really shines.

If you're an outdoors enthusiast, then you'll easily be able to find a way to spend the points you earn with this card.

Overall I'd say this is one of the better store-branded credit cards I've seen.

It does have some one-star reviews online.

But in my experience, every decent product typically has at least a few unhappy customers.

The Cabela's Club Visa is no exception to that.

There are some cards where I can relate to the one-star reviews and understand people's grievances.

But that isn't really the case with the reviews for Cabela's.

Most of the one-star reviews for this card seem kind of unreasonable, in my opinion.

For example, one lady gave a one-star review because her ex-husband charged up a balance on the card. Cabela's Revenue Shares by Product Category

Another person paid the wrong amount and then got upset when their payment got marked late.

People who get outraged that customer service doesn't answer the phone in a couple of rings—that kind of thing.

But perhaps more surprising is that enough people seem to love the card enough to take the time and leave five-star reviews online.

Lots of people say the Cabela's Club Visa is great, and others even rave about the customer service that World's Foremost Bank provides.

For that reason, I feel good recommending this card to anyone who loves the great outdoors..

I expect that most people who get one will have a positive experience.


Frequently asked questions about the Cabela's Club Visa card

  • Do I need to be a Cabela's Club member to apply for this card?


    When you get approved for your Cabela's Club Visa, you'll automatically become a member and start earning points.

  • What can I use my credit card for?

    You can use your card anywhere that accepts Visa cards. If you make a purchase at a Cabela's or Cenex location, you'll earn double the points.

  • Can I use my points online?


    Make sure you're logged into your shopping account and have your card added to your account.

    Then when you're on the "review order" screen, expand the "redeem club points" field and enter the number of club points you want to redeem.

  • Can I pay my bill online?


    You can access your Cabela's Club Visa account directly through

    You can view detailed information about your account there and check your points.

    You can also pay your bill online, request a credit line increase, or submit other customer service questions.

    You can even access special member-only exclusive offers!

  • What if I lost my card?

    You should report your lost or stolen card right away so that you aren't held responsible for any fraudulent charges.

    Between 8 am – 11 pm Eastern time you can call 1-800-850-8402. After business hours call 1-800-556-5678.

  • How do I activate my card?

    Card activations are no longer required for your Cabela's Club Visa card as of January 2014.

    In the rare instance that you feel your card hasn't been activated, or if you experience difficulty using it, contact Cabela's support.

  • Do I get free shipping with this card when I shop online?

    Unfortunately this card doesn't entitle you to free shipping.

    However, you can have almost any item from the Cabela's website shipped for free in-store pickup.

    Most items are eligible.

    Unless they ship directly from the manufacturer or are hazardous items that require special handling.

  • Are there any upgrades on this credit card?


    You'll be automatically upgraded to a Silver card if you meet the $10,000 spend requirement each year.

    When you reach a $25,000 annual spend, you'll qualify for a Black card.

    These upgrades increase your points earned on Cabela's purchases to 3% and 5% respectively.

  • Can I get a cash advance? What are the related fees?

    Yes you can.

    Contact Cabela's for assistance in setting up cash advance services.

    The APR for cash advances is 27.22%.

    You'll also pay a fee of $10 or 4% of the amount advanced, whichever is greater.

  • Can I use this credit card without the card?

    Yes, this card will work for online purchases and other card-not-present transactions wherever Visa cards are normally accepted.

  • What credit score do I need to get approved for this card?

    You generally need a credit score of "Good" to get approved for the Cabela's Club Visa card, which usually means a credit score of 700—750.

  • How do I add an authorized user to my credit card?

    You can do this yourself!

    Sign into your Cabela's Club Visa account and from the header options, select Manage My Account.

    Then select "Add authorized user" under the Account Maintenance section.

    Follow the directions and fill out the appropriate fields and if you require any additional assistance at any time, feel free to contact Cabela's customer support.

  • How long do I need to wait to get my card once I've got approved for it?

    You should receive your card in the mail in about ten business days after you've received approval.

Earn Rewards

Start saving points toward a new canoe just by using the Cabela's Club Visa to buy your groceries and other day-to-day expenses

There are a whole bunch of reasons to love being in the outdoors.

The breathtaking natural landscapes can give us a sense of awe and wonderment.

It's great exercise. It helps to relieve stress. And much more!

The problem is that a lot of outdoor activities can require expensive and specialized equipment.

If you live in a big city, then just driving out to the wilderness to do some hunting or fishing can be enough work.

You don't need to worry about the financial aspects of acquiring your outdoor gear on top of all of that.

Luckily Cabela's offers their own Visa card.

It lets you earn points toward the supplies needed for your next outdoor adventure.

Not only that, but it's definitely a decent credit card in its own right too.

No annual fee and low APR makes it a great choice for your primary credit card.

Plus you earn double the points for purchases made at Cabela's or Cenex convenience stores.

If you love the outdoors and are in the market for a new credit card, the Cabela's Club Visa is definitely one we'd recommend you to consider.

What's your favorite outdoor activity? Have you shopped at a Cabela's store before?

How was the experience like?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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