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US Trade Bans Across the Globe

Banned: U.S. Trade Sanctions

In a world of increasingly free trade, the U.S. routinely imposes its own trade sanctions on many nations. Typically they are for reasons relating to human rights abuse and other hostile gestures. The more prominent of these sanctions are described below.

Belarus: Political Repression, 06/2006

Prohibits donations to anyone undermining the democratic process in Belarus.

Balkan Nationals: Extremist Violence, 06/2001

Prohibits donations to people participating in or supporting violent behaviors.

Iran: Supporting International Terrorism, 1987 and 2000

No goods may be imported to the U.S., other than gifts under $100 in value, informational materials, food and carpets.

Iraq: Kuwait Invasion, 1990 and 2004

Exports must be licensed by the Department of Commerce. It prohibits transactions with respect to Iraqi cultural property.

North Korea: Proliferating Weapons, 06/2008

The ban prohibits importing any good that has not been approved by the U.S. government. It bans any U.S. citizen from registering a vessel in North Korea.

Burma/Myanmar: Reduce Military Funding, 06/2008

The ban prohibits the importing of most goods from Burma.

Zimbabwe Nationals: Undermining Democracy, 11/2005

The ban prohibits all U.S. citizens from engaging in any transactions with anyone who is undermining the democratic process.

D.R. Congo: Increase Regional Instability, 10/2006

Prohibits making contributions or donating to anyone participating in the conflict.

Cote D'Ivoire: Human Rights Violations, 02/2006

The ban prohibits any U.S. citizen from engaging with any person involved with conflict.

Syria: Human Rights, 02/2006

The ban prohibits any U.S. citizen from engaging with any person involved with conflict.

Cuba: Response to Hostile Actions, 07/1963

No goods can be imported from Cuba. With a few exceptions, only people with a close blood relative may visit Cuba.

Trade bans by the US around the world

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