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The World's Funniest Dollar Bills

The things governments pick to put on their printed money say a lot about said governments. It's one thing to put your own face on a $100 dollar bill, but why for example, would you put a squirrel on your 50? (See Belarus). From the scary to the bizarre to the hilarious, to the just plain random, we've collected some of the funniest currencies from around the world in order to mock them with you. We're pleased that you've decided to join in!

Barbados Fifty Dollar Bill Belarus Fifty Kapeek Costa Rican Five Thousand Colones Dominican Pesos Zimbabwe Isle of Man Twenty Pound Note Northern Ireland George Best Note Guatemalan Twenty Quetzales Bulgarian Ten Leva Armenian Ten Thousand Dram Honduran 100 Lempira Algerian Thousand Dinars Chinese Hundred Yan in 2000 Chinese Hundred Yan in 2006 Georgian Fifty Lira Iranian Two Thousand Rials Israeli Two Hundred Sheqalim Japanese Thousand Yen Khazakistan Ten Thousand Tenge Kyrgzstan Five Hundred Som Pakistani Five Thousand Rupies Taiwanese Two Thousand Yuan Taiwanese Five Hundred Yuan Bhutanese Fifty Ngultrum

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