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Recession Recovery: Best and Worst American Cities

Best and worst cities recovering from the recession in America

When it comes to The Great Recession, there are plenty of cities that are recovering nicely from the economic slump and those that have completely missed the boat. The cities that have that have not been able to gain a foothold on the economic recovery ladder are all over the country and they are still struggling from the recession. These cities still have a declining gross product, declining employment, and home prices that are rapidly falling.

Who’'s Failing? Is It Your City?

The top 20 cities that rank the worst for economic recovery may not be the cities that you think. Some of them are cities that have made a lot of news for their poor economic recovery. We all know that Detroit isn’t doing well right now, but it’'s only number three out of the 20 worst cities.

Which city is the number 1 worst city? Look at the graphic to find out and to see the rest of the list. You may find out that your city isn’t doing quite as well as you thought!

Who’'s Winning the Recovery Race?

If you live in a city that continues to flounder economically, you can still find some hope by looking at the list of the 20 best cities in America for economic recovery.

These cities have been gaining ground in the gross product game and many are actually adding more jobs to the job market on a monthly basis. The homes in these cities are increasing in value as well and that has made these cities beacons of hope for the rest of the world.

Need a Job?

There are parts of the country that are bleeding jobs like a leaky fuel line. On the other hand, there are cities that are bouncing back from high unemployment like it never happened. However, if you live in California, Ohio, or Florida, your economic circumstances may be limited by the poor financial situation of your city. If the jobs are scarce, your job may be in jeopardy if you haven’t lost it already.

To find jobs, you might look into areas of the country that are recovering quickly from the recession; instead of the coasts, look toward the center of the country for new jobs. Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and other Midwestern states have numerous high-ranking cities on this coveted list. Their economies are picking up and the number of jobs is bouncing back. However, if you want your best chances of finding a job, put on your cowboy boots and head to Texas.

The top four spaces of the 20 best cities in America for economic recovery are all in Texas, and Texas cities occupy even more spaces on the top 20 list. You’ll see if your city made the list and all of the great cities that are full of economic rebound power. You may just find one you want to investigate further including Honolulu – number 11 on the list!

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