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Outlandish Mortgages: The Most Expensive Buildings Around The Globe

Chances are, you probably know what houses in your town are the most expensive. You probably have an idea of what the most expensive houses are in the United States (think Hollywood, West Palm Beach or Lower Manhattan), but have you ever wondered what the most expensive building in the world was? If you have seen a base jumping James Bond (of Jackie Chan), you don’t need to wonder about one of them. The International Finance Center in Hong Kong is one of the tallest and most photographed buildings in the world. The Finance Center was one of the first towers outside the United States to top 1,000 feet. Can you image the mortgage on it?

Outlandish Mortgages By Location

locations-of-buildingsIts true that the United States is home to several of the most expensive building, however several Asian countries are increasing their mortgages and showing off their architectural skill. Both China and The People’s Republic of China are included, as well as India. Of course having oil wealth helps, so it is no wonder that the United Arab Emirates is included on the list. And of course, the British are included, thanks to the high cost of building in London.

Types of Expensive Buildings

building-typesBanks and financial centers are naturally expensive, but they are not the only buildings getting in on the act. Hotels, sporting arenas and even private residences are coming up with billion dollar price tags. Not surprisingly, three out of four of these most expensive buildings worldwide, which are located in the U.S. are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In fact, the Wynn hotel, which opened in 2005, tops the list of the world’s most expensive building. Coming in just under $3 billion, the whopping $2.99 billion price tag is the largest in history to date and was privately funded by casino developer Steve Wynn. Other sparkling billion dollar Las Vegas resorts include the world famous Bellagio and Mandalay Hotel and Casino.

Outlandish Sports Stadiums

Anyone remotely familiar with the United Kingdom knows that football (soccer) is the most popular sport. And if you are going to play or watch, you must do so at Wembley Stadium. And America’s pastime? Baseball of course! And if you are going to be in New York, Yankee Stadium is a must. These cities love their teams so much that when it came time to coughing up money for new digs for their beloved sports teams, literally no expense was spared. Wembley Stadium cost more than $1.6 billion in construction and Yankee Stadium came in at a manageably round $1.5 billion.

Most Expensive House Not Occupied

Mumbai, India is the home of the first ever private residence to get into the billion dollar mortgage business. Business mogul and ninth wealthiest man in the world, Mr. Ambani, spent over a billion dollars on a 27-story home (named Antilla) that he never even moved into because he thought it would be bad luck. Check out what he paid compared to the other buildings by viewing the complete infographic for yourself. Then be thankful that your mortgage isn’t that high!

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