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Obama’s Thanksgiving Feast

“Thanksgiving is a chance to put it all in perspective – to remember that, despite our differences, we are and always will be, Americans first and foremost.” – President B.H. Obama, Nov. 22, 2012


Thanksgiving at the White House

Have you ever wondered how the leaders of the free world celebrate Thanksgiving? Sure, Thanksgiving is that one day of the year when people throughout America reflect and give thanks for what they have while enjoying delicious meals shared with friends and loved-ones. But what about the President, first lady and their guests? Do they watch football and prepare for Black Friday sales like Average Americans do? Just take a look or continue reading!

President Obama and family have eaten almost the same Thanksgiving meal every year since 2009, and this year it will be no different.

The meal consists of:

2 main courses

2 kinds of stuffing

Numerous sides

6 pies for dessert

Although the White House has never released the total cost of these dinners, the price for these dinners is estimated to be between $1,485 to $4,770 per person. If that sounds like a lot, it is!

Oh, and the turkey pardoning business? In 2012, two turkeys arrived in Washington D.C. at a cost of $900 for their first-class cabin. They stayed in the W Hotel for two nights at $562 per night.

The Average Thanksgiving

The cost of a Thanksgiving meal in 2013 is $4.90 per person (reduced from $4.93 in 2012) or $49.04 to feed a group of 10. Of course most people don’t have an executive chef, huge security detail and all the fine details required for a State dinner.


What is the traditional, average Thanksgiving meal? Turkey, sides and pie of course. Turkey it typically oven-roasted or deep-fried and is accompanied by vegetables, stuffing, rolls and cranberry sauce. The main dessert is pie, with pumpkin, sweet potato and various cream pies being the favorites. For many people, having hundreds of guests over isn’t practical, yet many American’s manage to give to organizations that provide hot meals to the less fortunate.

Sharing The Tradition

Almost 50 million American’s don’t have enough money to eat regularly. That’s 33.1 million adults and 15.9 million children who go without a meal on a daily basis. Spending even $4.90 to enjoy a good meal is out of reach, much less taking part in a White House feast. Yet during the Holiday season, this issue comes to the forefront, leading people to donate to organizations that help feed hungry people. These groups include nonprofits, religious organizations and other caring citizens.

did-you-knowFor example, the Bay Area Rescue Mission in San Francisco served more than 352,500 Thanksgiving meals in 2012. The donated cost per person for a meal? $2.05. That’s a far cry from the White House dinner.

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