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How to Save While Shopping

One of the best ways to save money, get out of debt, and ultimately improve your credit score is to simplify the process of saving money on everyday purchases. Fortunately, we are living in the Golden Age of online coupons and mobile coupon apps. It's easier than ever before to get discounts and coupons on things you buy at the mall, online or at the grocery store, just by looking them up on your mobile phone.

Here are a few of the best coupon apps to help you save money and save time on your shopping:

Store-specific coupon apps

couponing-apps-2Many retailers like Target and Walgreens offer coupons and special discounts directly from the store's (free) app on your smartphone or mobile device. Often the best way to save money at a store where you frequently shop is to download the store's app and check it regularly for new discounts.

Retailers often give out special deals via mobile apps, because they value being able to reach customers directly on their mobile devices, even while customers are in the store. You might be able to get deals and discounts on specific items while you're in the shopping aisle! Isn't technology wonderful?


This is one of the biggest and most recognized online coupon sites, offering printable coupons as well as an app called GroceryIQ that lets you create shopping lists and find coupons and stores. is convenient for people who want to have the option of printing their coupons at home before going shopping – but be careful; printer ink is expensive.


Cellfire is a unique online coupon site that helps you find deals, discounts and coupons on groceries, restaurants and other shopping and entertainment destinations. What makes Cellfire such a great service is that it gives you the option of printing the coupons at home, or storing the coupons to your phone or directly to your frequent buyer loyalty card (for participating stores).


Yowza is a free mobile coupon app that helps you find thousands of coupons for various stores in your area – and it's all location-based, so you can get coupons for nearby stores that will definitely accept them. Yowza coupons are all digital, so you don't have to print anything – all you need is a smartphone to be able to benefit from Yowza's coupon deals.

Even though many families are struggling with bad credit and high levels of debt, one silver lining of a tough economy is that there are many new technologies being put into place to help families save money on everyday purchases. If all American consumers could make effective use of coupons and other online discount tools like the ones outlined here, we'd probably see a lot of happier, financially-healthier households.

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