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California Vs. The WORLD

California compared to the world

California Vs. The WORLD

The size of California, both geographically and population wise, makes California comparable to many countries. Here’s how California stacks up to the rest of the world.


California’s $1.8 trillion GDP makes it the 8th largest economy in the world. The United States as a whole has the largest economy in the world, with a GDP of $14.2 trillion. Japan is number two with a GDP of $4.9 trillion. China has the third-largest with a GDP of $3.8 trillion. Number four is Germany, with a GDP of $3.6 trillion. The fifth-largest GDP is France, with $2.8 trillion. Number six is the United Kingdom, with a GDP of $2.6 trillion. Number nine is Brazil with a GDP of $1.6 trillion. Number 10 is Russia with a GDP of $1.6 trillion.

If you combine the GDPs of Australia, Burma, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Peru and Ukraine, you will have the same size economy as California. California accounted for nearly 3 percent of the world’s GDP in 2008.

Per Capita Income

The 2009 per capita income of California residents was $32,678. The 2009 per capita income of residents of the European Union was $32,600. The per capita income of California was equal to the per capita income of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru combined.


The 2009 unemployment rate in California was 12.8 percent. The 2009 unemployment rate of the world was 6.6 percent.


The population of the world outside of California is 6,692,030,277, comprising 99.45 percent of the total world population. The population of California is 36,961,664, comprising 0.55 percent of the world’s population.

Industry and Exports

California pumped 239 million barrels of crude oil in 2009. This is 0.88 percent of the total. The rest of the world pumped 27 billion barrels of crude oil. This is 99.12 percent of the total.

In 2009, California’s export shipments totaled $120 billion. This is the same amount of exports as Denmark, or Portugal and Romania combined. Exports from California accounted for 11 percent of total U.S. exports. Computers and electronic products are California’s top export, accounting for 20 percent of all of the state’'s exports.


In 2004, the homicide rate per 100,000 people was 6.5 in California. In the rest of the world, it was 12.1 homicides per 100,000 people.


The highest point in California is Mt. Whitney, at 14,496 feet. The tallest mountain in the world is Mt. Everest, at 29,029 feet. The lowest point in California is Death Valley, at 282 feet below sea level. The lowest point in the world is the Dead Sea, at 1,371 feet below sea level.

California is home to the tallest, largest and oldest trees in the world. If California were a country it would be the 59th largest in the world in terms of surface area. California’s coastline, at 840 miles long, would rank 71st in the world if it were a country, following behind Tanzania.

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