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America's Priciest Homes

While we’re rolling in mortgages it’s nice to have something to strive for, right? …

The Manor — $150 million

The Manor Hombly Hills, California

Candy Spelling's legendary mega mansion looks like a French chateau and is slightly larger than the White House. It is the largest home in Los Angeles County. The parking lot can accommodate 100 vehicles. The house has it's own barber shop, a bowling alley, wine cellar, koi pond, citrus orchard, tennis court, pool yard, temperature-controlled silver storage room, 18th century-style garden, rooftop garden, and a whole lot more. The house is believed to have more than 100 rooms, but the owner is not sure because she's never counted them.

Fleur De Lys — $125 million

Fleur De Lys 1 Fleur De Lys 2 Beverly Hills, California

What does it take to create a home in America worth more than $120 million? Start by modeling it after the Versailles palace of one of the most notoriously decadent French monarchs, Louis XIV. Add about 45,000 square feet of manicured gardens, a library filled with first-edition books, and place it in the most expensive part of Beverly Hills, California. Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon are reportedly in negotiations to purchase the mansion.

Maison de l’Amite — $125 million

Maison de l'Amite Palm Beach, Fla

Donald Trump owns this regal mansion which possesses the second-largest oceanfront in Palm Beach. The 62,000-square-foot estate has its own art gallery, a grand ballroom and 17 bedrooms.

Albemarle House - $100 Million

Albermarle House Charlottesville, Va

Next door to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, this historical mansion has over 300 acres. Besides beautiful antique furnishings, the house has three ponds, a pool and pool house, a greenhouse, and more than 45 rooms. No expenses were spared in the Versailles-inspired gilded rooms. The property even has an imported antique Syrian fountain.

Tranquility — $100 million

Tranquility Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Owned by the co-founder of Tommy-Hilfiger, this woodsy home is located in the best-ski country in the world and has its own clandestine lake, conservatory, stable, amphitheater and parking for 17 cars, and 210 acreage of pristine land. If you are bored visit the 3,500 bottle wine cellar, 10-seat movie theater, golf course, indoor glass mosaic pool, or private lake stocked with brown trout.

Hillandale — $95 million

Hillandale North Stamford, Connecticut

Filled with British and French marble and hand-carved stone this stone manor is classic. Built in 1900 and recently refurbished the home spans 20,000 square feet. The 260 acre compound is beautiful, filled with well-kept trees. Of course it comes with a feature any discerning home-buyer needs… a life-sized chess board.

Bel Air Mansion — $85 million

Bel Air Mansion Bel Air California

If you need a place to park 20 cars, this mansion has you covered. It also has 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a swan pond, infinity pool, and immaculate gardens. In case you value your privacy, the property is surrounded by a 1,000 ft long, 36 ft tall wall made of hand-chiseled Jerusalem stone. Set on the most prestigious street in Bel Air, this three-story, approximately 48,000 square-foot masterpiece offers 280-degree majestic views of the city below and the surrounding mountains.

Dunnellen Hall — $75 million

Dunnellen Hall Greenwich, Connecticut

Dunnellen Hall is a steal at $75 million, which is half its asking price five years ago. The home is approximately 23,000 square feet with seven upstairs bedroom suites, a glass-walled music room, and a wood- paneled library with a 15th century fireplace mantel. There is also a 75-foot outdoor pool, with a terrace and a cabana. From the huge entrance hall with incredible crossed arches, travertine marble floor, crystal chandeliers, to velvet carpeted everything, this mansion speaks of luxury.

Hummingbird Nest Ranch — $75 million

Hummingbird Nest Ranch Simi Valley, California

A sprawling Spanish colonial style ranch with a pond, boat dock, multiple terraces, even a helipad. With six guest houses and and 10 staff houses, you'll never get crowded at family reunions. Finally, there is a no-expense spared 37-stall equestrian facility for the horse-lover in you.

Upper East Side Mansion — $75 million

Upper East Side Mansion New York, New York

In New York City space is the most expensive luxury of all. Fancy restaurants and apartments all are all crammed into tiny allotments. That is, unless you are talking about the eighth most expensive home in America. Located in the heart of New York City, East 61st street, this place has space and flaunts it. With 21,000 square feet, high, arched ceilings, and winding staircases, it stretches its expensive arms. With an interior courtyard, library, garden, home gym, wine cellar, and sauna it's a completely unique home to New York City.

Bootjack Ranch — $75 million

Bootjack Ranch Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Bootjack Ranch is a modest little getaway of about 3,100 acres. The main house is 13,800 square feet. You can get back to nature and relax in the 12,000 square foot spa and aquatic center, or fish in the massive stocked lake. The beautiful hand-aged wooden floors are worth more than most mansions, and property is littered with western sculptures each with six-digit price-tag.

The Portobello Estate — $75 million

The Portobello Estate Corona Del Mar, Calif.

With a huge chunk of Newport Beach's ridiculously expensive waterfront property, the Portebello Estate has a swank modern-art look. Of course it comes with the standard amenities. For example an Art Deco movie theater, a recreated diner with working soda fountain, a bowling alley, a water slide and a multi-lift garage.

Brentwood Mansion — $65 million

Brentwood Mansion Brentwood, California

Real-estate in Brentwood California is staggeringly expensive. Getting 112 acres of green well-kept ranchland in Brentwood is unheard of. However that is something this property has in spades. The Brentwood mansions also has olympic sized tennis courts, swimming pools, and more. Its seven buildings comprise more than 22,000 square feet of space. The main house has 11,7000 square feet, 17 bedrooms, and 17 bathrooms.

Pickfair — $60 Million

Pickfair Beverly Hills, California

Built by original Hollywood movie stars of the silent movies, this historic landmark has a classic Southern style with beautiful arches and columns. You won't feel cramped in the 25,000 square foot interior. You can beat the heat in the gardens, olympic swimming pool, or palm tree lined walkway.

25 East 77th Street — $60 Million

25 East 77th Street New York, New York

How could an apartment make the list of the most expensive homes? How about a 10,000 square-foot apartment in New York City’s Upper East Side? What if it had 26-foot ceilings, a skylight conservatory, a rooftop terrace, and views in all four directions?

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