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#1 Hot Tip to Getting Extra Cash

Every time a new iPhone came out you were there. No matter whether you were in a position to afford it, how could you not get the phone with the latest upgrades? Whatever the changes, you needed them: A better camera, Siri, an improved telephone, a slightly thinner device. After all, there is nothing average about you.

Fabulous phones

Where did the old phone go? Chances are you dumped it in a drawer. For most people, getting a new smartphone means just replacing the old one. Some make use of the previous model by handing it down to a child or otherwise finding a home for it, but millions of drawers around the country have become the final resting place for last year's phones. And the one from the year or two before that.

They may not be the only thing of value you have hidden in your home, but they're easy to convert to cash when you need few dollars. And it is becoming even simpler to unload slightly dated technology and get something for it, and depending on the model of phone you have, you could be looking at getting more than just lunch money.

Where to cash in

A series of websites and local stores make their money buying old devices and fixing them up to resell to those who don't need to buy the latest and greatest.

You can sell a 16gb iPhone 4 with some wear and tear for about $50, according to, a site that connects buyers and sellers of technology. Have an older one like an 8mb iPhone 3GS? Well, now you're looking at only about $7. But a 32gb iPhone5 (remember there are now two later iPhone5 models) can snag you close to $300 depending on which network the phone was connected with (Verizon and AT&T phones command more than, say, Sprint ones).

What if the phone is broken? Even those have some value. You can get about $40 for a busted iPhone4 on

Blackberries, tablets and other old technology

Not an iPhone devotee? You can even get money for old Blackberry devices or Androids. You're not going to get iPhone prices, but, depending on the phone, you could end up with enough money for lunch or dinner... maybe more.

If you have a tablet you no longer need or want, even more money could be waiting. A 32gb iPad3 with only a Wi-Fi connection could bring in more than $200, according to And a 16gb iPad Mini could snag about $150.

And if you need the money to buy something else or to go holiday shopping, consider popping onto where you can trade your old devices for Amazon gift cards.

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