Car Loan Calculator

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Car Loan Calculator

Use this calculator to compare auto loan interest rates and estimate your monthly payments. Enter your loan amount, length of loan and your interest rate.

Loan Details


  • Monthly Payment
  • Total Amount Paid
  • Total Interest Paid

Using the Car Loan Calculator

Enter the amounts or estimated figures above to calculate your estimated monthly payment.

Car Price ($)
The cost of the vehicle.
Trade-in Value ($)
Estimated value of any potential trade-in (if any).
Additional Down Payment ($)
Money paid for the vehicle in addition to the trade-in value.
Sales Tax (%)
Your local sales tax rate.
Loan Term (Months)
The length of the loan in months.
Interest Rate
Annual rate of interest for the amount borrowed.
Monthly Payment
Your estimated monthly payments.
Total Interest Paid
Total amount you'll pay for interest over the length of the loan.
Total Amount Paid
Total amount you'll pay over the duration of the loan.