About Dan Wesley

Daniel (Dan) B. Wesley is an American entrepreneur and executive. He is a subject matter expert in finance and is known for creating web portals to connect people to resources that help them meet their financial goals.

Early Life

Dan graduated in 2000 with a degree in Nuclear Medicine. After earning that degree, Dan found himself in extreme student debt. On his quest to get out from under it, he found a new passion—finance.

He worked as a Radiation Safety Officer while preparing to launch his first financial portal. He left medicine, but continued to pursue his dream of helping people by founding CreditLoan.com.


In 1998, Creditloan.com was one of the first consumer finance websites providing online resources to consumers. The company forged tools such as financial calculators, mortgage rates, and direct connections to leading service providers.

Under Dan, the CreditLoan brand became a trusted source for original analysis and content, known for distinctive, easy-to-read infographics.

Dan is proud to have helped educate more than 33,060,287 visitors (and counting!) on financial issues that really matter.


Dan’s most practical and actionable insights lie in personal finance and are owed to his hands-on experience of founding CreditLoan.

His background is a unique mix of medical science and business, which fortunately, has helped train him to see things a little differently :)

As a nationally syndicated financial columnist, and regular contributor to Forbes Finance and Entrepreneur, Dan's articles have been featured in over 179 articles across 73 publications such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, TIME Magazine, CNBC and New York Times.


Dan is active with the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), a non-profit organization started by Scott Gerber in 2010 that provides mentoring and opportunity to emerging entrepreneurs. On behalf of YEC, Dan has written several columns as a thought leader.